Box Hill

Going down tomorrow (sunday) with the missus n jackyboy. Weathers supposed to be half decent and Im giving my new lil baby a run. Anyone else going? Off to bed now so if you feel like going n wana meet up leave a message. :):cool:

i might be going

shud be up there for bout 11

There is a good chance Jackie and I are going to Brighton tomorrow to be there in time for lunch. We may be at Box at about 11 on the way.

Trashpuppy - how long you planning to spend down there?

Fishface - you going on the back of the Zephyr, or on yer Better?

Guiliano - any chance you know how long the festival’s going on for tomorrow?

(Yeah yeah, I know. Sundays tend to be quite slow, here in Cheam!)

If its not raining, i will be there about 10.30 ish :smiley:

I’ll be there at 10:30am - meeting my mates. If you see two 750 Gixers and a Desmosedici come over and say hi

should be there from aboot 9.30ish/10. jackyboys not coming so itl be moi n the missus on the CBR. Look out for a black n grey TRI-ARM 400cc, Ill be wearing a balck viper head case n paula will be wearing a blue n grey lid. Send me a txt on 07960410807 (yes yes i know im gonna get bolloxed for putting my number down but mabe i like freaaks txting me :D:D:D)

The outdoor stuff seems to end about 6pm -

im going on my bike , but with dad aswell
am a bit late in leaving…

…and I’m a bit late checking LB this morning!

I was going to ask if you’d mind me tagging along for the ride, FF - given that you’re going to be the only person going I’m likely to keep pace with! - but I’m guessing you’ve already left by now!

Guiliano - cheers; I’ll try not to crash into any X9s en route , if I go down!

We have just got back after lunch and some shopping in the Lanes. Glad we took two wheels instead of four - I hope to never see another Mini!

Hope you all had a good day out.

take it you didnt go in the end ?, shame ,we had a good ride out and finished at the ace. Fishy claimed her first +60mph blast . Didnt see anyone we knew tho;.

Me and Gengygirl (Joy) were there as part of a ‘Wobblers Ride Out’ (Boxhill Forum) but didn’t see anyone I know from the LB forum. Lovely day, but pity the weather is cold now, unlike last week :frowning:

Glad you folks had a good run :):slight_smile:

I went out; but in the opposite direction! If I’d known so many new riders were going I’d definitely have been there! Still, when the weather picks up - or have I actually missed this year’s Summer by a week?

lol i was there with my missus n met tricksie n liam then decided to go home n passed fishface n zeph comming in lol. too late too turn around tho. ah well nxt time

lol yup we left a bit late as always :stuck_out_tongue:

ah is all good, its just about the ride! :)Glad ur gettin out n getting some miles underur belt.

And dont sit on the bench behind me next time :stuck_out_tongue:

next to you lol and i said I was sitting on the table! :smiley: