Box Hill Tonight . . . . . Anyone Intersted?

As said above - gonna go down box hill - gonna aim to get there for about 7 ish. Anyone fancey a ride around the area?


Wouldn’t be able to get down there for 7 :frowning:

What time could you get down there for?

The way today’s going? About 9, mebbe later. No point :frowning:

met some guys and a gal from this site up there tonight, i was on a white rc8. friendly, shame no cuppa!! had good play down the a24 after and scrubbed in those tyres!!


oh yeah, and no one turned up when i asked who was going to ace on sat night!Lol

Mark,Was good to meet you and your VERY nice bike - the RC8 has now climbed my list of wanted bikes to No1 i think!!

Anyone need a Kidney, because i NEED an RC8!

I was on The Ninja, Jason on the CBR, Richard on the R6, and Helen on the Hornet.


No chris you really want a 'bird :slight_smile: how was your trip home on ya moped matey ;):Whistling:

still cant get over the fact sitting on a bike can give you a wedgie :hehe: (diddy kwaka)

Like i said on the day - i loved the “bird”, the power was amazing!

For motorway driving, or long distance the bird, or busa would win, but for fun, gotta go with a sports/superbike! (not that your bike is not super!)

Ride home on Sunday was great - tackled the A4164 (I think thats the name Road from LB to Hemel) in a record time. Leighton Buzzard to Box Hill in 50mins - cant really go wrong with that!