BOX Hill to Berry Hill ( A29 ) Thursday nights

Anyone interested in meeting at Box Hill ( Dorking ) on a thursday night after work and having a week night blast down towards the south coast along the A29. I’m usually around the area and work over the weekend so miss the normal weekend breakfast runs.

I’ve also started jumping on the ferry to france and using the roads over there, highly rated !!! get over to the french side asap.!!



Know a different route than straight down A29 - you may like it - we enjoy it, but may be better as day time route.

Box - A24 south, until jct with A272 turn Right towards Petworth/Billingshurst/Petersfield), at the Macdonalds/petrol shop, carry on to Petworth, in Petworth take A283 towards Pullborough, then at Fittleworth, take the B2138 signpost has (A29)Arundel signed, thro’ Lower Fittleworth and Lower Horncroft, at T junction turn right and you are on A29, south onwards to Arundel/Bury Hill.

Or join the A29 as it intersects the A272 in Billingshurst(though you miss out some lovely road surface and bend combinations between Billingshurst and Petworth.)

Visible here:,125000&st=4&ar=N&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf&ax=497500&ay=121500

I may join you!

Cheers for the Tip.

i’m servicing the bike on thursday then will check it out !

another nice little route is the A25 from dorking towards Guildford, stop off at newlands corner, then come back round past through Effingham towards leatherhead then in to box !

not so long but a nice twisty road ! good fun even with some cars, so long as your on the pace !


Tempted. Will you be in the carpark or by the picnic tables?

Oooo only just seen this… Me and a few guys from the boxhill forum are doing this on Thursday too… Might see you there…

Route we’ll prob take is A25 then through Albury, Shalworth, Chilworth, Alfold, Loxwood, Billingshurst, Pulborough, Bury Hill… Then a pint at the Blacksmiths Arms Adversane on the way back

I’ll be buried up to my neck in a Ryka’s road kill special probably…

You coming down Nuts?

i was up to my knees in engine parts today and didn;t make it to box, now i;ve serviced the bike and off to meet the future x wifes parents next week, i’ll be at box next thursday night, who’s up for it ?

Hope the weather is a bit better than today !


Shame you couldn’t make it Damo, we ended up going to Bury via the A25… shalford, alfold, loxwood route, then onto the black rabbit for bangers & mash and came back storrington, then A24, I peeled off at creepy crawley and came back 264/23/25… gotta love all them roundabouts in Crawley

PS Sorry to Nuts for making him think his R1 was dying a painful death

Oh thats right Biggus, give it all away

I’ll be there next week, and looking forward to it !

see how you lot ride !


It’s a quality backfire

Honda make ‘blue flame’ exhaust