Box Hill... down A24 towards coast??

Im gonna be out and about all weekend between Box Hill and worthing/brighton/sussex area…

If anyone fancies meeting up at Box Hill and joining for a blast pm me or call me on 07824 805556 to arrange a meet time.

Cheers all, Ian.

how erm… ‘progressive’ do you ride?


sure he will carry spare fuel for ya chen :smiley:

dont think i would put my number on here…too many weirdos :slight_smile:

As for progressive… im not too bad at all but im sure there are ppl quicker than me!! lol

Putting my number up… if ppl want to satisfy an urge to prank call me then i would have hoped ppl would have grown out of that at school!

Heading out soon, sorry havnt posted up too recently, havnt been near a comp! k-man is coming along, and we are meetring a few peeps for a ride in sussex.

Be at box briefly at 11ish

Do I ride ‘progressively’ enough?

There’s a ride down at 10.30 am sunday.

when are you guys gonna do this ? what sort of speed ?

Thanks for the rideout guys its was a great day,also thanks mel not sure if you are a member.

Sorry i lost you on the way to the m25 i thought you were getting ur knee down on that round about so i when straight on.

Hope you got home safe c u again soon time. davie

… no sweat chippie… was a top day :wink: i just was following the signs to so got side tracked … well more practise at gettn familiar with london roads.

… good call iank … if that’s what ‘progressive’ is? (new term in biking for me)… suited me fine … n thx to yor lady friend mel for the beach scenic route :cool:

Was a good day lads… sorry for not being more orgainised. It’s the problem with not knowing anyone on a forum, i had to leave plans open ended so anyone could tag on…

Next time i will try to give times etc and have a half decent plan… Attack that twisty! (Ride-voted road off the A24!!)

As i said guys, really good to meet you, im out most weekends, so whenever your out, just call me or text me.

Thanks again, Ian.