Box helmets for peanuts

Hey guys,

I picked up a Takai BX-1 (same as box) which is the cheapest helmet they sell at a 40% discount yday( £27). I think that’s only for XS and XL helmets, but for a spare helmet for pillions, I don’t think it gets much better than that ^^

Just a heads up for everyone.

Of course I then had to go buy a set of soft panniers from a guy on another forum today, so it’s balanced out somewhat. <grumble>

To be honest, I’m not sure I would trust a £27 helmet to protect my head in the event of an accident.

Rule of thumb, always spend as much as you possibly can on your gear, it’s what protects you from serious injury in the event of an accident, if £27 is your max budget for a lid then fine, I can’t say I’d wanna use a £27 to protect my head!!

When I helped westie out in the bike shop for a short while I was always angered by blokes coming in to get helmets for their missus, asking what the was the cheapest one we sold! Really, is that how much you think of her!! :crazy:

there’s nothing wrong with Box lids, they are just very simple, no fancy venting, pinlock, graphics etc. they do the job of protecting your head.

Dunno whether I agree with that.

There was a post awhile back on Gixer Junkies regarding a takai helmet; a guy posted a picture of his helmet after an accident, and a picture of his face.

The helmet split in two and his face was bruised and battered.

Don’t think I would trust a £27 helmet either.

maybe the helmet didn’t fit him properly. i’ve no idea what a Takai is though? Box are an Oxford brand aren’t they?

No idea.

This is the one he said he has bought, and it is £27.

If you think a £27.00 helmet is going save your life think again
You might as well use my copper bottom Saucepan
And if anything did happen how would you feel

Yeah but you head is full of pins… no helmet is going to keep it safe! :smiley:

Until the twelve riders of the apocalypse are lose
To roam the earth again
I’m stuck in human form

looks like it’s a hein gericke own brand…

i’m interested though, at what point does a helmet become expensive enough to protect your head? when do you start paying for the name and the features… longer lasting padding, liner, better vents, visor type etc.

I wouldnt put my c0ck in a Box helmet, let alone my head… you would be better wearing the ‘box’ it came in

you always pay for the name with a good helmet. that’s the point. Arai, shoei, and schuberth (the top three brands) all build their helmets to far exceed the test standards set by europe, the states etc. not just to ‘pass’ them. with the European testing where pre determined points are used for impact, a cheap company can (and regularly does) reinforce the point that will be tested, but if you were to test just out side of the predetermined area, then it would fail. Arai, Shoei and Schuberth carry out higher force impact tests than required and in random point testing so that the whole helmet is safe, not just the 3cm circle just above the forehead etc. you also pay for the construction. the lining is as important as the shell. the rate at which your brain hits the inside of your skull in an accident will determine if you end up dead/vegetable etc. so differing density foams are used to slow down the head in a controlled way (which you dont get with cheap brands) also the shell should remain strong and intact in the event of a crash for when you strike that immoveable object (of which my last one was the edge of a kerb stone at 40mph)

So in short, if you have a £5 head, get a £5 hat. arms, legs, feet and hands preserved by leathers, boots and gloves arnt going to be much use to you when you are brain damaged

The OP may consider that as an advantage :smiley:

you didn’t answer my question. at what price point are helmets ok?

Sharp rating?

you can get a 5* sharp rated lid for £64.99, the MT Revenge. nice website by the way like that.

the Arai condor only gets two stars and costs £240.

I’m just playing devils advocate here, blindly putting your faith in certain brands or price of a helmet might not necessarily get you the best protection for your money.

blimey, the Schuberth S1 Pro is £450 and only gets two stars.

I really don’t understand why so many people are disregarding the safety of Box Helmets, they are only cheap due to the lack of quality and comfort, not safety.

Firstly, every BOX helmet passes the ECE22.05 Specification which involves various tests, you you know you are 100% safe if you hit your head against a wall at 16mph.

ECE testing methodology can be found here:

You are probably thinking, 16mph? is that all? Yes, that’s all - which is why our government funded and introduced SHARP testing, they perform rigorous testing at higher speeds and at various angles of the helmet.

BOX has three helmets which attain a 4 Star safety rating, BX1, BX2 and BX5 Hurricane. Arai only have 2 helmets which get 4+ Stars, unsurprisingly a lot of people were pissed off and called the SHARP tests a farce, how would you feel if you spent £300+ on a helmet believing that old rule of thumb that the more you spend on your helmet the safer it is?

The reason most of the Arai helmets attained such poor ratings was because they failed all of the side impact tests on the majority of their helmets - this prompted Arai to release a statement on their website criticising the SHARP testing, Arai stated that the majority of accidents rarely end up with the rider making contact on the side of their helmet, which is true…WHEN YOU ARE ON A TRACK…which is where Arai got their accident data from, the TRACK, not the road where you have to deal with cars, curbs, lampposts etc. Arai stated that in order to reduce the weight of the helmet they reduced the protection to the sides of the helmet where it is not critical.

SHARP testing however gets their data from road accidents, not track accidents so they test the sides of the helmet.

Its a shame more people aren’t aware of this, it would force Arai to start constructing helmets for the road, not just the track.

I own a Shoei Qwest BTW.