Box BX2 visor change

OK, I got myself a new helmet recently to replace the one I got free with my bike (didn’t trust it), and as it’s cheap, yet BMS gold-sticker’d, so suits me in all ways!
Only trouble is that I want a tinted visor for it. So I’m ordering one today, and in preparation for it’s swap, I wanted to see how to use the quick release visor system that Box say is on the BX2. Except I can’t fathom how to do it. Nothing’s included in the documentation, and I don’t want to go ripping the visor off and breaking the whole thing.

So basically, anyone know how to take the visor off on one of these things?


(P.S, are the LB small oval stickers suitable for the BX2? I’ve got a nasty chip at the back I want to cover up…)

OK, literally five minutes after posting this I figured it out.

Just the sticker question remains! :stuck_out_tongue: