Bovvered about my wrists

Auntie Gina, I am getting a lot of bovver with my wrists, the left one in particular is aching so much it’s difficult to use it.

What could have caused this and what can I do about it ?

to much ermmmm you know what?


get someone else to do it!!!


But what if he hasnt got anyone else to do it?

Get it removed, then he won’t have to do it.

Now wheres the fun in that?

Quite. What a thought

The ache has got nothing to do with anything like that, you lot have mucky thoughts don’tcha I thought it might have something to do with falling off last week

yep…been there…

when i had my off at the LB xmas perty(i pulled away and the bike spat me off good and propper),i fell onto my wrists as i braced myself to slide down the road…

they absolutley ached for about about a month afterwards…i guess they were repairing themselves…but bugger me didnt they throb…

every little bang the wrong way set it off again for about 5 mins…it was bloody awful and im glad their ok now…

if your really worried about it,go to the kwacks mate….

but theres no reason to be paranoied…


Rest it and if you are still worried pop to you doc to get it checked!

You may need to be circumcised.

You`ve badly brused your wrists which take time to heal.