Bout time

Good to see that veterans and those currently serving in the forces are going to be getting some recognition atlast.

National Armed Forces Day 27th June, i beleive the main event is being held in chatham and the goverment have put up £400,000 to fund the event but i think that is to include smaller venues held in other towns round the country on the same day.

good news man, bout bloody time as well

So good to hear about time to :):):):slight_smile:

Hey about time does that mean everyone gets a day off ? :D:)


Fantastic news … but only a small step so far.

What about a proper pay award for the boys and girls !


Ride out?

about bleedin time.

good stuff but what a sh**er about the surgeon general! wont agree our veterans, ex military need a medical program/hospital dedicated to them!..what a twt!! so its fine to look after our guys and gals when they are out there, but when they get back its nhs waiting times for problems they often cant handle!