Bought My New Bike...

I went back for the original bike that I wanted from 2nd Bite, K4 600 GSXR - I wanted to go and look at it a couple of weeks ago but it sold the day I wanted to go and see it, the bloke who wanted it changed his mind and went for the same bike in black so I went down there this morning and bought it.

Its done 3700 miles, Datatool S3 alarm, Alphadot etc etc - all totally standard, 1 owner who was a policeman with full dealer service history £4200

Just need to pass my test on the 9th July now



Congratulations, nice bike. Good luck with your test dude.

Owned by a copper - its been ragged then!!

Nice one

Go easy cos them Blue’n’White ones are so much quicker

nice bike mate.

good luck with your test

will keep my fingers crossed for you

Don’t be shy, you can admit it to us lot you’ve gone for the pink scooter in the photo really

Great bike mate, enjoy.

Nice bike, good luck with the test

well done dude, good luck with the test, hope to see you on a rideout soon

lol, i think he’d quite suit the pink scooter, lol. Nice choice

Cheers - yep I’ll definately be on whichever is the next rideout after 9th July fingers crossed

I did sit on the pink scooter but the colours didnt really suit me as much as the blue/white

I think my mates have had enough of hearing about my bike now but nevermind! I can see a trend a starting though, lots of talk of CBT’s & Direct Access down the pub tonight I’ll be on ebay tomorrow looking for a tail tidy & some crash bungs then maybe an exhaust, it all starts here

Glad to read that it was the GSXR and not the pink ET in the background!