Bought another bike... :)

Finances are too low to buy a nice bike to go alongside my beloved 'cat but did have enough to buy an old(ish) bike my mate was selling, so now have a 2001 ZX6R that needs some TLC and then mullering on the track and on rideouts… :w00t:

Anyways, its a knackered bike, but the engine and suspension is all sound. Can anyone tell me how to overhaul the brakes, cos the fronts seem very spongy and in need of a good sort out. Is it a big job to drain the whole system and then taking out the pistons, and putting it all back again, fill with new brake fluid, if not, anyone wanna post some quick instructions up?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Cogratulations honey! I’m sure you’ll enjoy her on track and rideouts once she’s sorted out :smiley:

Nice one Ian.

Nice one Ian :slight_smile:

Where’s the pics?

ahhh well done mate, good luck gettin it sorted

Welcome to the Ninja-side mate:cool:

any help you need I’m happy to help.

See you at BMM?

Cheers guys, yeah will be at BM with the nail. Pics will be taken once I have given it a special paint job… :slight_smile:

nice one mate!

it may be that a fluid change, braided lines and a good clean and bleed will improve things.

doing all the caliper/master cylinder seals is a bit of a job that you can easy make a mess off.

you couls also try a radial master cylinder of something like a k4 onwards gsxr or 2003 onwards zx6/10.

you can pick um up for 60 quid ish on ebay.

Cheers mate, do I need that special tool to do a fluid change?

:slight_smile: I love my tatty old '99 '6. Is it the 600 or 636?

Cheers mate, do I need that special tool to do a fluid change?

Get a brake bleeding kit from Halfords £5.98 bought one last week- excellent

Nice one ! Another kwak owner :smiley: You know it makes sense Rodders ;):stuck_out_tongue:

I cleaned out the brakes on my track bike and all I needed was a couple of allen keys, an old toothbrush and some brake cleaner and an 8mm spanner. Bit of sandpaper for the discs and pads and fresh brake fluid, worked a treat, the brakes are as sharp as a pin.

See if you can download a manual from here they show all the main procedures in there like brake servicing etc.

I used a length of plastic tubing into a jar to collect the old fluid, also if you have a diesel car you can put the old fluid into the fuel tank to recycle it ;):smiley:

Cheers guys, nice positive comments after all the ribbing I got last night!!Cheers for the heads up about the brake bleeding kit, got a haynes with the bike, so that should have all the details.

Actually found this article on the web, its nice and simply written (the first bit is very simple but the rest of it is good)

Just have to work out how to get it through my flat into the back garden now… :slight_smile:

Even if you need new pistons and seals the kits aren’t expensive and it’s an easy diy job. Haynes should have everything you need to know :slight_smile:

Uh oh…I fear a traffic cone chic look coming on…Still, it’ll be better than Kawasaki green :smiley:

Congrats on the new ride :slight_smile:

Keep an eye on eBay for callipers. I know you are short on cash but if you can get a good low mileage pair and swap them over your brakes will feel fantastic.

sweet m8 a more track orientated bike now i will never be able to keep up with on the race track;):P:D:)

There’s nothing wrong with it that some spray cans and elbow grease won’t cure!

If I can change brake fluid anyone can (the only kit I bought was a £2 jobbie on ebay - a short length of plastic tube with a small valve at the end - much easier to keep the air out if you are bleeding them on your own). Could bring it to BMM next week if you’re in no hurry (I don’t intend on using it again anytime soon).

I thought we were talking about E’s new bike not your’s J-A?!? lol :w00t: