Bought an XBOX 360 - Project Gotham Racing 4

I bought an XBOX360 the other day, and oh my god, what a nice contrast to the PS3! Noisy as hell, and the Media Centre Extender crap doesn’t work, despite it working on the PS3, dur, but other than that, it rocks. We’ll keep the PS3 for Blue-Ray movies and any good future games, but the XBOX takes pride of place now.

Bought Project Gotham Racing 4 and Indiana Jones Lego. PGR4 is crazy. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before now! Racing around Westminster on my gixxer thou is a scary and total adrenaline-inducing experience! The Kawasaki GTR1400 around Macau is just stupid, it accerates like a rocket. Hard to master, but damn good fun!

Who else is playing?

My XBOX username is Amethi for anyone interested, though be warned, I get to play about once a month for an hour due to my workload :frowning:

good choice Jay, the net integration is brill and you will get addicted to achievements - beware! :smiley:

PGR4 is superb fun and just you wait until you are drifting the Gixer around some of the tracks whilst waving to the crowd and stuff! You’ll see your kudos score going up and up and I think it stops counting after about 15k! :smiley: Just be careful that you don’t hit a kerb though as you’ll be gutted! I found the Hayabusa is the best bike for drifting on but to begin with the 1200 BMW was great to learn on.I found some of the 'Ring challenges tough going as you’ll pretty much fail them if you spend just a small bit of time off the track.

My gamertag is Gixer Boy 75 if you want to add me for some races at any time. I’m always up for a LB challenge sometime if anybody fancies it.

Could bring a new dimension to future LB track days.

jay i’ll add ya fella and show you how to race properly :slight_smile:

but afew LB member races sounds a good idea :cool:

Hehe, nice one guys :slight_smile:

I’m loving the Hayabusa around the Macau circuits. That’s proper mad.