Bought a XR600R Supermoto!

Collecting it today, the thing is its got XR400 fairings on and they don’t exactly fit proper, looks more like a bodge,

so Im looking for a fresh set of panels for it, just the side panels and rear fender will do, does anyone know where I mind find some? I’ve tried Ebay already , no joy :frowning:

not another xr600 :w00t: riot mk5post up some pics of it then;)

best person to speak to about styling of a xr is sneakymcC :smiley:

really MK5? 5 is me lucky number :smiley:

I will have a word, Im collecting it in abit, will post pictures when I get back!

cool stuff m8

keep us posted;) also the breakfast club run will be on this sunday so you can test your xr on some amazing lanes

Oi Phuck-off MD, there’s no MK2, 3 or 4! “There Can Be Only One” Riot :cool:

Nice purchase fella:cool: I can certainly help with the styling!:w00t: You didnt just buy it off Mark did you?

I bought it off mark lol.

Cool, I heard he’d sold his! Looks nice:cool:

congrats m8 its a cool looking bike

i’m sure you’ll love it cos its a riot;)

I found some side panels and a seat, just need a rear fender now, if anyones got one or does the XR250/400 one fit?


Little update on it, couple of new panels etc just to add some colour and get that retro look back, also the suspension setup that its currently on is pish poor, its understeering like a lada, anyone know a good setup for them and what the air valve things on the top of the forks are for?

I’ve had my XR6 (The Riot) forever so I should know the best suspension setup. Unfortunately I never ride fast enough to worry about it so I never bother!:blush:

There is the lil’matter of the front end of The Riot being off a KTM as well tho!:hehe:

very nice m8:cool: do you mean the screw on the top of the forks? if so you can replace the screw with a push valve for £6 on ebay. i’m told that cos of the long travel of the forks you get air on re-coil of the forks. its best to change the screw to the push valve cos it takes half a second to push & release the air & like me i’d not be arsed to go get a screw driver:hehe:so when you coming out on the bcr?

Looks lovely!! :slight_smile:

Well im out tomorrow going to high beach then making our way to finchingfield, erm also 1 other thing I cant get the bloody notch out of the throttle, almost like its stuck on opening, seems like its sprung tight? whats the best way to loosen that off?I’ve tried all the obvious things, its not rubbing on the handguard or anything, brand new cables both lubed up, lubed the return spring on the carb, cleaned the carb, no joy?