Boston Lincs to Cricklewood

Boston To peterborough on the A roads last night coming back from seeing my parents, it was 10pm when i left and the roads where fairly quite but everyone on the road was ace, they saw me coming from a mile back and moved over to let me past, what legends, and i do mean every single person, i was shocked!!

Then i get to perterborugh services and refuel and get on to the long and normally boring A1 home. But it was very very quiet, i was pushed along fairly and enjoyed it but expected to run into some sort of traffic but nothing at all, i did however run into the back of a cop car and slowed from 75 - 70;) but he waved me passed, i couldn’t believe it!!

Peterborugh to london in record breaking time! Good ride and came from nowhere!! It nice esp when your expecting a long journey home!!