Borough Market Tonight! Help Us!

Glad to see this didn’t fall on deaf ears! :doze:


He said…(see above) :DMaybe this one should be locked, then we cant comment?

how about 'if your names not down your not coming in ’

and get the bigger boys to stand at the end of the road :stuck_out_tongue:

charge £1 parking and donate it to LAA or make em buy a sticker:cool::w00t:

I think some people count that as being as far away as Manchester or Scotland . . . :w00t:

i know they are not only LB’er nights,and i think you know the people i mean ;)like the ones that killed frith,leicester sq,ace cafe, the ones that have to rev and do stupid things.Hmm was i that knackered this morning.

I attended last night and found alternative parking no problems.