Borough Market Tonight! Help Us!

Hey everyone. As mentioned last week after the side-splitting attendence of the Borough Market Meet; we’re at capacity now with this event due to our growing popularity and are looking at new venues to hold our ever-growing and popular bike meet. Whilst we’re doing this though I need to ask you all to help us out and change how we park at the BMM.

As you may or may not know, the yellow-hatchings area under the Market awnings is their property and they’ve requested that we don’t park on it because they have constant deliveries through the night and have some other insurance concerns. We’ve tried for over a year to negotiate with them on this but they’re not moving so we need to respect their wishes and not park on their property.

What we propose though is that there’s a load of room unused as the road curves round to the left, which is Park Street. We should park there when there’s no room, and also there’s room just straight on and on the right side, next to the market. I’ve made a quick example below:

We really need every-one to chip in on this and help tell anyone that doesn’t read this about not parking on the Market’s hatchings and where they can park instead. It’s all of our responsibility to ensure we look after our meet as if we don’t, then quite simply we will lose it as the authorities clamp down on any complaints they receive about us. Those who know what happened to Chelsea Bridge and Frith Street/Soho will know the importance of this self-regulation. It only takes a quick word to point out a new parking position to someone that doesn’t know. Please help us.

Some may ask that if we’re looking for a new venue, what does it matter how we park at BMM. Who cares about the consequences? Well, firstly it’s a matter of reputation. We have a brilliant track-record of causing no trouble where-ever we go, and we need to continue this so we don’t have any problems when we choose a new venue, as the new residents may not know about us, but the authorities will! We need to make sure the LB name is synonymous with a great crowd of people who just want to have some fun and not bother anyone.

Sorry if this sounds a bit official, but as with anything of this size, there is a serious side that we all need to take responsibility for, and do for the most part. Please help us out tonight and the next few weeks.

Places to park in red:



Will do Jay, shame the market arent very willing.

Am there from quite early for not very long tonight, who else is going and when? :smiley:

Shame you cant come up “our” end for a meet? dick turpins got HUGE carpark…lovely grub and drink…toilets the lot !!:stuck_out_tongue:

Or theres a great pub in canary wharf with loads of parking too…but dick turpin is the better option…know its essex but hey…a lot of us on londonbikers are from here anyway!..

JAY? where ever you find…try and get a place where we can:

Sit inside or out…ie dick turpin

Get good food hot or cold…ie dick turpin

Park hundreds of bikes or cars…ie dick turpin

Toilet facilities …ie dick turpin

And already a known biker friendly venue ie tues nights, dick turpin !!! :w00t: :P:)


Borough Market it is then!!! :PThink wednesdays is car night at the Dick Turpin.

+1 good call blade

tis not that far out of london either!

Ahh, but it dont have to be weds does it? :slight_smile: PLUS…there is no more Weds night car night there? apparently they have all moved on out !! so Weds are free…:slight_smile:

if i decide to turn up ill do my bit and not brign a bike :smiley:

Thanks for the offers of help guys!

We should save the discussion on possible new venues for another thread. I really need the support of everyone attending BMM here on this issue. Thanks all!

Always willing to help where possible Jay.

As for the Dick Turpin, i know it and have attended on a few occasions on a tuesday night, however its miles away for those of us that are south/west of london. Personally i would prefer a meet that is in London and more central. I have to ride 45 miles to get to BMM if it was the Turpin then my ride is about 75 miles…

Good luck on an alternative venue.

I actually prefer it being a london town meet i enjoy the journey into town makes a change:D

Hey People

I know I have not been here long but I just wanted to say I support you.

The whole point of being London Bikers, the way I see it, is to be “London Bikers”, meeting outside the capital kind of changes things.
We all want the same thing right - a place to meet, if the venue changes I’ll still come - I just hope it’s in London.


London’s a big place :slight_smile:

Surely an 0208 phone number still counts? Greater London :wink:

The venue’s the main thing for me followed by the ease of access :cool:

Think you will find a whole lot of us londonbikers do not actually come from london at all…and its quite a trek for us to get to some meets too? Would that mean we have to start up a essexbikers or something? wouldnt want to do that, as ive met and made some good friends on here…:wink:

Blade thats not a trek… essex to BMM jesus if it was on your door step you’ll become a member of the car/van club. Surely the idea is to take in the ride to the meet. Personally i have to travel 45 miles to get to BMM and to be honest it doesn’t bother me so long as i get to meet great people with the same interests.

I live opposite a pub with ample of parking, fancy riding out to Bracknell cos its easy for me…

I know BMM is not a trek…i did say SOME meets? And id go to Bracknell…dont have a prob with that…but it wont be midweek…i get home too late from work and have to be up at 5:15am to get ready again the next day…my point wasnt so much with the travelling, cos obviously its my choice if i go to meets or not wherever they are…my point was that not all of us on londonbikers, actually live IN london…:slight_smile:

Blade, why not do what the Herts guys have done? They have a meet once a month somewhere local to them and I hear even Londoners attend :w00t: Check out how much local interest you have :slight_smile:

Seriously, i dont have that much of a problem with the meets with us…as i said before, its purely up to me if i can attend midweek…so even if it was on my doorstep i would still be home from work later/have to get up earlier?..turpins came up cos the landlord told us he dont have the car meet on weds anymore and he would welcome any bikers, and the facilities he can lay on are just right…everything is there, just like the Ace? Bracknell for me is 39.5 miles…nice little run !!Borough is only 10.3 miles Turpins is 20.5 miles…Ace is about 17.5 milesPoppins 18.5 milesso none of them back breaking stuff… :stuck_out_tongue:

no you are right jay sometimes you have to be a bit official on these things,or you will just get none lb’ers turn up and spoil it like most other venues in london.

the problem is when to many bikes/bikers turn up anywhere someone will moan.

the dick turpin is good but abit of a slap for the people that live on the other side of london.

Honestly spammy pammy? im not following you around the posts and commenting on your comments? err…but i wasnt aware these meets only entailed LBrs? ive told my non LB biking mates about our meets and they have gone to some too…one of em dont even own a pc let alone how to use one, yeh i know…but anyway, they dont…but i told them to go as they would be made to feel welcome…have i missed something here? Thought it was a biking fraternity…of sorts…not just LB only?..:wink: