Borough Market Meet Celebrity Appearance!

Summer’s here and the Borough Market Meets are proving to be our most popular meet yet with the biggest turn-out last week. This week is British GP week and there’ll of course be another BMM. This week we’ve got some other guests, a TV crew and the infamous celebrity Jodie Marsh. She’s a biker herself and is filming for a program about looking for a partner and is interested in our meet, so for the guys, if this was ever an excuse to come down to BMM, then this could be it

So, please help support LB & BMM, come down this week (please park courteously as usual!) and enjoy the evening…

** Update: The production team have just let us know that Jodie has the flu and so won’t make it down tomorrow, but will be there next week! So boys, put back your best boxers and see you there next week as well. Sorry to dissapoint. **

Fooker! Cant make this week either!

ooopsss just realise you said Jodie Marsh, not Kidd.

Ha well… her loss!

I can’t make it, someone take a cardboard cut out of me to wave around in front of the camera.

Good lord! Shame I can’t make it again this weekend.

Il have to get my skates on and get a new bike before wednesday, Il come down for that!


ooooooooooooooooo b!tchy

Jealousy looks good on her though.

Keep this thread clean please guys, we’re not the only ones reading it.

She still filming that - she’s bringing her crew to us aswell - she’s buying a R6 from us!!

I think it is great news that they have chosen LB to descend upon - I am well overdue my 5 minutes of fame

WARNING…This sounds like it is the “Find a husband for Jodie Marsh” TV show…so, if you just fancy a quick spot of jiggery pokery with the young lady, think again, you could be paying for it for years…

Looks like the weather is going to be slightly damp, maybe not the best week for it.

Who is Jody Marsh?

i say it could be gingers lucky day!!!

I have now been informed who Jodie Marsh is. I say we give her the proper newbie treatment and get the drinks in

Didn’t she have those little dogs that were peeing all over the place? So she kept them at her parents house. Classic!

I watched that on Sky the other day - was amazed at the transformation in the dogs

The woman who does the programme is a marvel !!

you wont be able to miss her she is as ‘glowing’ as si’s xenons

RIGHT IM THERE ILL HELP HER OUT -------> i know im shouting lol!

Better buff up the ol’ helmet for the cameras