Boris responds to abuse

So you follow/espouse the same behaviour the people you are “against” exhibit. Obviously you lack the benefit of a classical education, comrade pinko pondlife :wink:

No they are all a bunch of lying, self interested cretins who scratch each others backs and do nothing whatsoever if it’s not for their own benefit and re-election. As far as I’m concerned they should all be taken out, flogged in public and banned from the UK - and this is me going light, you want to hear my ‘hardcore’ version

It has nothing to do with Labour Vs Tory, it has to do with seeping rot that is politics and he is a major part of that

I love Boris. O.K., he’s an over privileged, middle class bufoon, but at least he’s up front about being an over privileged, middle class bufoon.

Makes a bit of a pleasant contrast to Clegg (who he?) and Cameron.

Not usually a good idea to make such sweeping generalisations/ assumptions. I work in the political world and know many MPs and Peers, I know many more who do or have worked for them or who deal with them on a daily basis. Many, many of them work very hard and exceptionally long hours and genuinely want to make things better - the number one reason for getting into politics in the first place. A number of others, are lazy, arrogant fools who only keep their job, because they were lucky enough many years ago to win a very safe seat, so there is no chance of them being ousted.
The problem with expenses for example, is that years ago an MPs salary was largely supposed to be in line with that of another ‘professional’ Chief Exec of a small business/ lawyer/ accountant/ doctor. And for many years that worked. However, after the recession in the early 90’s no government has ever been brave enough to increase the salary in line with those other careers - wouldn’t be popular with the voters, who on average earn about a third of what an MP does. Hence there was an informal acceptance in parliament that you bump up your income by the use of the expenses system. A system accepted by all parties and as long as you didn’t get too greedy, all was ok.
However, for some the temptation to abuse the system was too great (as we have seen with those that have already been sent to prison) and for Denis Macshane (well known to be an odious, sanctimonious cretin), he deserves everything that is coming to him.

There are no socialist MPs - Labour are full of shite.

Apart from Dennis Skinner. :smiley:

Luv Boris for comical entertainment :stuck_out_tongue:

So you agree that Boris et al exhibit this kind of ‘them and us’ behaviour? (your word mate).

Well how could you not agree seeing as Boris and Cameron’s life is a master class in maintaining inherited wealth and privilege and a sense of unearned entitlement?

And if you agree that they exhibit this kind of behaviour then why are you not against it? - it’s either because you benefit from it or because you get masochistic pleasure from a set of values which are designed to make you feel inferior and suck up to the likes of the Bullingdon boys? :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. You obviously missed the lesson on rhetoric when you were doing classics mate :wink: . . .

Mate - you read the Daily Mail and the Socialist Worker :w00t:

Are you a laboratory experiment?

A weird fusion of the fascist right and hardcore left stitched together by an idealogically crazed Dr Frankenstein?

Now I’m confused . . . :crazy:

It’s a perfectly ok idea to make these ‘generalisations’ when you do not believe the system of ‘democracy’ we have at the moment has any relation to anything remotely connected with democracy… I am completely against any form of government, especially one that has been elected without a majority rule. The fact that these ‘hard working’ individuals (and I don’t doubt a minority are still somewhat idealistic) give legitimacy to this form of government is how we are in this mess at the moment.

Their backhanded deals and rubs up their backs are of no interest to me…I have been somewhat active in the ‘political’ area (though mainly in my younger years) to know enough to steer clear of those in that ‘world’.