Boris responds to abuse

This chap just goes up and up in my estimation.

a bit quiet on the news front then… :ermm::wink:

Was it only me that didn’t understand his posh accent? …he said tossers but what was the preposition?

He’ll need elocution lessons before he can be PM.

“Lefty tossers” innit

Love it! Boris for PM! :stuck_out_tongue:

He just needs to start randomly muttering badgers every five minutes or so.


Yeah, refreshing to see a poltician behaving like a human being and not a programmed robot.

Even if under the lovable bluster he is a ruthless right winger supporting the maintenance of inherited privilege and exploitation and who would probably class most of the people on this forum as a bunch of below stairs plebs. :smiley:

At least he states up front what he is. Most politicians just straight lie to get he job, and then continue lying and add fraud and theft to the CV.

Better to have some colour than be a part of the grey landscape of mediocre sheep towing the party line.

Puts monocle in Thats right, maintain the them and us attitude that’s been so productive so far… “Lefty tosser!” Takes monocle out

i enjoyed the girls counter argument of 'just ‘cos you’re in a posh suit’. brilliant.

Puts down copy of socialist worker But isn’t ‘them and us’ what ultimately Cameron and Boris are all about? Or was that Bullingdon club photo a figment of my imagination? Or perhaps you have just had the wool well and truly pulled over your eyes . . . ‘‘Daily mail reading tosser!’’ Picks up copy of Socialist worker

Yes I’m not sure where she was going with that one, perhaps she should go and read a text book on politics.


boris is a class act.

I’m embarrassed to live in a city with that dopey cretin as mayor, we should just put a school tie on a dulux dog and let him loose in city hall.

Funny how, on the same day, we find out that 10k has been spent on restoring an old taxidermied snake that sits in the Home Office. And a Labour MP has been suspended for 12 months for false expenses claims…

Because socialist MPs are just so upstanding and honourable…

Well people of London you voted him in by 51.5%, and if you did not vote them shame on you :stuck_out_tongue:

Top marks for Boris’ comment of lefty tossers, I’d would rather have him as London mayor than the newt loving waster Livingstone…but the comment above left me a little confused as I read both of the aforementioned papers!!!:crazy:

I like Boris. He let us use the bus lanes permanently so I’m prepared to forgive him for being a Tory.