Bored with putting on bike gear etc.

Whenever I’m feeling spontaneous and just wanna jump on the bike and do some of my favourite twisties I’m sick of having to undress and then put on all the protective stuff - by the time i’ve put on the back protector, trousers, jacket, boots, sorted out the gloves, ear plugs etc the moments passed.

Sods law says if I skip this stuff and go out in a t-shirt and jeans i’ll end up plastered all over the internet as badly shot camera phone footage of various shredded body parts.

Yes I’ve answered my own question - but do you ever get hacked off having to put on all this sh1t?

And then there’s the chain checking/tyre pressures/oil level checks . . .

All this f*cking preparation really bolloxes up the spontaneity, the moment etc etc . . . :crazy:

I just want to be free for crying out loud!

"And then there’s the chain checking/tyre pressures/oil level checks . . . "

whats that ?

Putting gear on takes me literally 3mins, taking chains off is the shit part for me. Ground anchor and almax IV make it finnicky and then shoving it all into a tailbag is also shit. BUT, it’s well worth it in the end.

Also, I find riding without gear feels really weird.

Your obviously already existing at a more spontaneous enlightened care free level like some kind of guru or something. :smiley:

Riding with lots of gear can sometimes make you feel more invulnerable than you actually are - but the opposite - riding in your underwear is also pretty stupid :smiley:

Haha, that’s what I was thinking!

You don’t check them all every time do you?

I must admit I’m not very strict with my riding gear. I don’t bother with boots for the short commute, and I always wear jeans anyway, but haven’t ridden without my jacket and gloves for a long time.

i find i’m so quick at putting it all on now i don’t even think about it. watching the missus trying to get the gear on is always funny as she only comes out once in a blue moon :smiley:

to be really quick you need a cheap scooter. old lid, old gloves, textile jacket - ready to go in about 45 seconds :cool:

I check them a lot - particularly oil - I’m trying to get rid of my advanced paranoia by taking on a more carefree persona. :smiley:

when I cant be arsed i wear shorts, flipflops and no t-shirt, changing gear with flipflops is painful though :wink:

i see what you mean NJ but i dont think it takes that long…

boots are quicker to put on than trainers
kevlar jeans are jeans
leather jacket is a jacket.
gloves, earplugs and helmet wont take too long.

then if you already ride the bike daily, quick kick of the tyres to check and off you go! :wink:

now if you need to put makeup, get your hair ready, be carefull your manicure doesnt break when puting gloves on, color code your boots with your tshirt etc, its another question :stuck_out_tongue:

Total liberation :slight_smile:

Not sure myself.

When I’m riding without the full kit I don’t feel as safe… Londoners are evil turds when they’ve been sitting in traffic jams, tends to make them selfish, tunnel visioned and arrogantly bad drivers…

Once it gets really hot and I’m stuck at traffic lights, the 105 degree kettle between my nuts makes Kevlar jeaens the best option, but I still prefer Full Leather for saftey’s sake.

And getting it on doesn’t take that long. I can be out of the house in under 3 mintues from urge, to warming up the engine. Basic checks, leathers zipped up, feeble excuse to the wife for leaving her with two screamers whilst I go for some fun… 4 minutes max, and that’s longer thana double rumpy pumpy session, so the urge is still full and fruity :wink:

I think that putting on all the heavy stuff weighs down my spirit - it definitely has a psychological effect all that leather/kevlar etc - If the road wasn’t such a vicious bitch when it bites into your flesh I would prefer to wear a silky shirt and velvet trousers during the summer months.

But yeah - i would get proper f*cked up if I fell off at 120 wearing the casual stuff.

I totally agree - I’m just imagining an ideal world where falling off motorbikes at high speed while wearing moleskin trousers and a flowery shirt didn’t totally f*ck you up and wipe the smug hippy smile off your face.

Instead you have to dress up like some judge dredd fascist at a bondage party to get any kind of protection when your bike ride morphs into an unscheduled luging session.

But then if it wasn’t dangerous it wouldn’t be etc etc . . . .

ying yang, black white, dark light - it’s all part and parcel of the endless mystery of life blah blah :hehe:

Its definitely a great idea for a charity ride out…

Velvet suits, silk shirts, brothel creepers or flip flops, comedy helmets (horse-riding eg for legal sake) then a really really slow ride out…

With buckets, slowly through towns to raise funds for LAA…


Yeah - a kind of dichotomy rideout - aggressive looking/sounding machines ridden by a load of camp fuckwits :hehe:

Anyway - i’ve got a day off - so i’m putting on all the shit I was previously talking about and going out to totally balls up some of my favoutrite bends - laters. :smiley:

The Stig doesn’t have this problem.

i can get ready quickly but it takes me half hour to get out of the gate as its so tight, the moments gone by the time i find the road :smiley:

You are free, it’s just that you think/worry about it too much to allow yourself to enjoy it… :wink: