Bored and Restless

Anybody going out today anywhere??

it is a nice day but unfortunately it seems that for some strange reason people need mortgage brooker even more than before… Got to work…:angry:

Me too, gutted as I would love to be out on my bike right now :frowning:

You should leave your work for an hour and go for a ride :wink:

Nope, she’s tucked up in bed and I’m in the cage today


I’ve had a lovely day thankyou, I went to Bluewater this morning and then went off through the lanes to the A20, past Brands Hatch and then along to Sevenoaks, down through the lanes to Edenbridge and then down towards Wadhurst and Ticehurst, across to Hawkhurst and back on the A229 to the Medway Towns where I live…sadly this was all done in a VW Caravelle TDi with wife and 4 kids on board:)

i had a similar day out all day through the twist windy country roads of oxford and aylesbury…in a 29 tonne lory :w00t:

what i MEANT to say Johnse1 is your’e not a million miles from me.

i’m in Larkfield near west malling so anytime you fancy a similar route BUT on the bikes give me a shout if you like.

What, don’t you want to do the twisties in a van? Overtakes are…challenging… but it’s still a lot of fun:)I may well take you up on that… however I don’t get out much at the weekends as I have to work 3 out of 4 weekends and on the 4th weekend I’m meant to play with the kids apparently:) I do go out midweek quite a lot though, this any good to you?

not really.

i work i london but you never know.

i tend to come down with one day bugs whenever the sun comes out hehehe

i’m sure we’ll sort something out though.