Boots - 2 pairs or GoreTex all year round?

Question folks -

When I bought my boots it was autumn and wet. I therefore was pointed towards the Sidi black rain boots. Few years later, they have been fine, and very waterproof of course. However in summer it feels like I am cooking my feet.

I have been looking at getting another pair of boots but the question is do I get a ‘summer only’ Boot with vents etc and risk getting caught in the British summertime rain; or do I buy a set of Goretex boots and use them all year round?

Question I can never get answered is how cool are Goretex boots in the summer? I know in the winter they will be as good as the Black Rains for water protection.

Then, I guess I’d like some recommendations. I was thinking Sidi Vertigo Gotetex (expensive though) or Sidi B2 Goretex if i go the GoreTex route.

If I go summer only, I have no idea what to get. Suggestions?

Many thanks

I wear my gorex boots (Sidi b2) all year round…

the heat? :ermm: of the english summer doesnt bother me…

but then again i was in the greek army for 2 years:
greek summer heat+black army boots = very very very hot & smelly feet :w00t:

got the sidi black rains for the winter but will be getting a pair of sidi vertigo summer boots, for the venting etc dont wanna cook me tootsies in winter boots :slight_smile:

I say a winter & summer pair are the way to go.

Got a pair of Gore-Tex boots for winter but find they are to hot for summer use & not as breathable as they make out, especially if you are in bike gear all day long :frowning:

I have a pair of TCX Competizione S goretex boots, been great so far

only £150 as well can’t be bad, but if you can afford 2 pairs, why not?

Well I’ve already got the Winter boots so I need to buy another pair, not much choice in that. If I went for Goretex in the forst place, I guess I’d just be sticking with them

Any recommendations?

I just gave away a pair of smx gortex, hardly worn. I have A’star SMX and a pair of Gaerne tarty white boots for summer and dry weather wih a pair of Daytonas for the wet plus seal skin socks for when I get caught out or go touring.

I ride every day pretty much all day and don’t like to have only one pair. I will be buying another pair of smx and probably some smx gortex aswell in Aprill, is five pairs of boots too many?

How many is too many?

Can you ever have too many shoes, helmets, set’s of leathers, textiles and gloves?

Ofcourse you can’t…:D:D:D

i have a set of sidi vertibra boots that i use all year round and in the winter crapy weather i stick a set of these

inside them and if its hot they let your feet breath had them for 2 years now and have used them all year through

I wear Daytona Voyager GTX Goretex throughout the year. Nice and warm in the winter and never too hot in the summer. High level of pretection all year.

The best bit of kit I have.

I have winter / touring boots (Puma Goretex Bonneville’s) and also just replaced my old Sidi’s with a pair of Puma Hypersport’s.
Got the Hypersports as if they are anywhere near as reliable as the Bonneville then they’ll be great.




Yes, some great deals on the Hypersports 1000 at the moment as they are discontinued with the Mk2 versions coming out next month.

I had pre-ordered a pair of the Mk2 Puma Hypersports for less than I can get the Mk1 versions so really pleased. However, when I tried on a pair of Mk1s for size, I found that I could just about get my heels in them, and it took me 5 minutes to get out of them! Hardly practical, so with dissapointment I cancelled the order of Mk2s. :frowning:

However, Sidi Vertigo Corsa’s are also due for replacement next month (by the Vortice), and they are another great summer boot with excellent deals around if you look hard enough. So, although I was gutted I didn’t get the Pumas, I picked up a pair of Vertigo Corsa for a great price, so overall I am a happy bunny :smiley:

Well, fairly happy bunny.

They arrived today and I wore them around the house for a couple of hours, they are comfortable and adjustaable of course but my damn wide brick shaped feet might not be the right fit for these… Not sure if I want to commit yet as they are still expensive boots.

I wear Altbergs all year round. Comfortable and do the job.

Use Sidi B2s in winter and Hein Gerricke Race in summer. Vented and v cool. But then I do get v hot & sweaty feet, and having a breeze on them is lovely.

I have worn Sidi B2s (Gore) for 15 months for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week and loved them. If it gets hot I wear Nike Dri-fit running socks with them which keep you cool no problems. The boots have worn very well, are fully waterproof and sturdy. I won’t be changing them and don’t really see the need for summer boots at another ~£180 or so. That’s nearly a pair of tyres. Also, when is it really ‘summer’ and the odd (and often) chance of it lashing down while you’re 50 miles from home is a concern. If you’ve got cash to spare then I wouldnt stand in your way, but hope my thoughts are useful.