Boot resole

I’ve got a pair of Alpinestars Web Goretex boots with a hole in the sole. Don’t really feel like paying £180 for a new pair.

Anyone had any success with getting these boots re-soled in London or getting bike boots in general re-soled?

My experience with regular shoes is that unless they are made in a very traditional style, most shoe repairers won’t touch them. Annoying, I know.

I’ve just put my Sidi gortex boots into a local shoe repair place for a resole. I’ll let you know on Tuesday when I pick them up how well it went.
I supplied them with official Sidi replacement soles.

Used these for many years now, £45 + £7.50 delivery… excellent

^ Does Altberg resole anything or only Altberg boots?

I’ve used these and was impressed

I know a little family shoe repairers in Greenford, opposit Lidl.
She managed to put a new zip in my alpinestar boots. Fair play to her she asked me if I was going to throw them away, as she would give it ago. Well 2 years later and the zip is still going strong.

I’ll dig something out when I get to work from a company I met at an emergency services conference who said he can and does resole motorcycle boots

Said he’d resole our daytonas so perhaps he would be able to do other bike boots

^ Does Altberg resole anything or only Altberg boots? creampuff
Pretty much anything, best to call/email and ask first to make sure.

A lot of our instructors at work speak highly of GB leathers.

Give the cobbler (DUNNES) next to Tooting Broadway Tube Station a try… not been there myself for any work, but I know that the owner is a DUCATI MONSTER biker !!