BMW Stealership

So I sent my car in for a service this morning, and I just got the dreaded call…

On top of the £400 service, they also want to do the following:

Wipers - £50
Fan Belt - £104 (apparently its cracked…)
Rear pads and discs - £282 (the front have about 4k miles left)
Front lower arm bushes - £280
Rear shock top mounts - £180 (I have heard these knocking)
New Radiator icon_scratch - £400
Coolant - £90
Brake fluid… crybaby2

I’ve told them to do the fan belt, but will probably go to my regular guy to see about the rest.

£50 wipers??? Halfords £14.99

£104 fan belt??? Halfords £9.99

£90 coolant ??? bloody expensive water Antifreeze is only a few quid.

I have a BMW and it never goes anywhere near a BMW dealership! total rip off

I actually have a guy that I trust completely (and who charges about half what BMW do), but go to BMW to get the stamps. I’ll take the car to my guy next week to have everything checked out.

That does sound a bit steep

Eurocarparts do Beemer bits for a fraction of the price

You get exactly what you deserve and you should be ashame of posting here about your problems with a bloody cage

Tell em to fuk orf !!

phone me when ya see this and i,ll point you to a local fella, own garage, after working for them knobs he left to start a proper service !!

one of our own !!!

That`s a big rip off, buy a cheaper car.

you do know that you do not need to go to the main dealer for the services now?

Do BMW’s come with a free glass c**k?