BMW S1000RR 2020 Racefit Growler-X Exhaust

News just in - pure filth:

BMW S1000RR 2020 Growler-X

Growler-X now available for the new BMW S1000-RR 2020 Racefit trademarks: dynamic look & massive weight saving

:black_small_square: Mounts as per original to Rider Footrest

:black_small_square: All titanium construction

:black_small_square: Optional welded in diffuser available

:black_small_square: No modifications required

:black_small_square: Fits straight to standard OEM header (or Akrapovic optional header sets - titanium Part no. E-B10E8 or stainless steel E-B10R7)

:black_small_square: RRP £500.00 + VAT (£600.00 inc.)

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@kylejm ^ :stuck_out_tongue:

OMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG. TAKE MY MONEY RIGHT NOW! That is beautiful. Looks like they’ve added a black belly pan too. Looks way better, goes with the wheels nicely.

Man… gorgeous!

So wait, n00b question, if the diffuser is only possible when you weld it in, that means you can’t muffle the sound at the track in the case you don’t get it with it?

That is going to be so loud.

Yeah that model doesn’t support a baffle, so you get fookin loud or off.

Their other ones support a removal baffle. I’ve run loads of Racefit exhausts and with the baffle they just about pass noise tests at trackdays. Just.

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To be fair, to @Kevsta’s point, would you really want it without the diffuser anyway?

And then we get all upset & outraged when places like Rye get pissed off at us…


I can see a link pipe but where is the exhaust?

It’s made of see through lightweight polymer

1 thing is a constant with racefit exhausts.

They get sold on after a few months when the owner realises it’s way too loud to live with all the time.


Any recs for any brands that would look similarly great and not get on your swede (and importantly, everyone other swede near the road)?