BMW Motorrad Softbag 3 Large

Picked this up for the R1250GS as an alternative to panniers when I just want to carry more than a rucksack but don’t want to make the bike mahosive with panniers.

Fits 50 litres, has a waterproof main section, loads of high-vis reflectors and is designed to mount over the rear seat with fittings moulded fo the bike, making it look like it’ll slot on easily. Not proven yet though :grin:

Comes with carrying straps and a nice quality padded shoulder strap for lugging off the bike.

The build quality feels really high. I’ll post up some more pics once I’ve fitted it properly. Pic below on the bike is with it just resting in place.

Looks good quality. However, it doesn’t look to be any smaller than a top-box, which would surely be more secure?

That looks proper smart and all but I’d have gone for a roll-top dry bag that’s all waterproof if it was me. But then I’m poor :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s quite a bit wider than a top-box, which I find are too small for carrying stuff I need for work trips.

There is a roll top part to the inner blue bag to protect against water ingress. Thorough I’d probably put electronics in another dry bag inside just to be certain.

I’m not concerned about security too much, stuff I carry in here is normally just for point to point trips, ie for work where I won’t leave the bike unattended for long. It does have eyelets on the zips for padlocks though to deter casual thieves. But yes, panniers needed for proper security.

I’m not a fan of the look or top-heavy weight of top-boxes. At least with this I can keep the weight a bit lower and move the bag further over towards the front and not dangling off the back like a top-box. Plus, it’s easy to haul this into a hotel in one go. I hate carrying top boxes, they’re awkward and bang your legs.

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