Bmw f650 funduro


I bought this a week ago specifically for the purpose of a long trip into Europe. Now that i’m back (and are no longer permitted to do any more!!) I have no need for it. Info as follows:

1996 model
36k miles
Fresh mot, tax until march 2012
Givi touring screen (£70)

Top box (£120)

Kappa hard panniers w/rack (£250)

Scottoiler (£70)

Hand Guards (£40)

Braided brake lines (£25)

cigarette lighter socket (£10)

new battery recently installed
All previous mots to prove mileage with lots of receipts
BMW toolkit (standard)

Wants for nothing, ride away. Very comfortable with surprisingly good handling and great brakes. Minimum 50mpg for normal use.

Chain and sprockets are in great condition due to scottoiler and the fact they’re pretty new. Tyres are great also!

I believe it is listed as a CAT D due to being knocked over by a car when parked. Results were a scuff on the indicator, rear fairing and top box. This was enough for the insurance company to list it as a CAT D.

£1100 from Egham

Pics! :smiley:

Pic(singular) attached. Can get more for those that need them.

The grips are the heated type but unfortunately, are disconnected so doubtful they will work.



well damn, that’s a steal

More pictures added.

Bike is roadworthy and ready to go. Ready to cross continents!! (I did 1000 miles on it last week with no issues :slight_smile: )






If I had the spare doh! lying around I’d have that as a tourer for sure

Shame you never posted that a few months ago when I was looking! If it doesn’t sell for three years - it’s mine :slight_smile:

if only I had my own place with my own garage… it would make a perfect third bike… just what I’m looking for :frowning:

You wouldn’t by any chance be selling a house with it in the Epsom area? :smiley:

pm sent

I can confirm it’s back up for sale now. I get my replacement bike later this week :slight_smile:

I’m pretty close to convincing myself to do DAS over the Christmas break… if I do, this is exactly what I’m looking for. (Inexpensive, good make, decent luggage, screen and hand guards. And red so faster ;-).

I wonder if it’s insurable for someone who’s just passed DAS (no no claims bonus yet, HA postcode). Will have to check…


I think you’d be surprised quite how cheap this machine is to insure. It cost me peanuts to change from another bike, I reckon I could get it for less than £150 TPFT, garaged in Ashford, 5 years NCB at 27 years old :slight_smile:

soo sooo tempted to buy it and leave it down in cheltenham…

no no got to think of the cash flow…

What you talking about, cash flow…this is pocket change for such a versatile machine (and it’s modifications) :wink:

insurance will be dirt cheap for a just passed DAS person. It doesn’t have the letter R in its name which is what gives them the wobblies… gsxR, R6, cbr-RR etc etc

It is but my pockets have already been emptied… I’ve spent about £1.5K already these past two months and having bought a second bikes two months ago I think the only thing in my pockets now are cigarette butts! :smiley:

not to mention the er5.

Having owned both an ER-5 and a F650GS the BMW was significantly cheaper to insure…and I was a student living in Stockwell at the time!

I go away as of this Friday for an unknown period of time…a week…two weeks maybe.

If interested, it’s someones for £1k collected by Friday 3pm.

Bugger, if I had a spare grand I’d be round for it :frowning: