BMW CE 04 Electric Scooter 2022


The BMW CE 04 electric scooter has debuted, as expected, and will be coming to the US as a 2022 model year machine.

Focused on being an electric two-wheeler for the urban market, the BMW CE 04 will come with a price tag that starts at $11,800, which is neither a bargain-basement deal nor a wallet-busting MSRP.

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Interesting design but what a waste of space at the back. I hope they design a top box for it, any urban commuter needs storage.

im getting kinda this vibe…


Brilliant, now I want one :grin:

I like it but agree with @Michael748, for the use case it needs decent storage. Perhaps it’s under the seat?

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It looks they got an e-scooter and added a seat and brought the handlebar from standing to a seated position then added some extra plastic

I does look like a grown-up Honda Motocompo