bmw 320i touring sale or deals etc?

as above 320i touring only 117k with full service history, this week its had a lot of money spent, full service, new maf and cam sensors, new coil packs, extras include lowered 60mm, grooved discs and new sintered pads alround, scorpion system, clear indicators, full leather, air con climate, tow pack etc, anyone whos seen it will vouch is VERY VERY clean for its age, runs and drives lovely. cracking car but sadly i have just bought a v5 golf off a mate so need the room back in my already packed culdysack:redface: lol the car owes me £1750 so thats what i want back so cheap a car really, needs nowt doing for ages as all parts are new, oh also forgot its got a k&n fitted and had recent new arms and idle control valve etc. has the 17 inch whels fitted at mo but also have clean others with new tyres fitted, open to deals or px on anything car bike trials bike after mine got fookin nicked:rolleyes: what have you? thanks

clean car that there lee:cool:


speakady the anglais ? ?

think he means the left & right wheels are different in the pics:hehe:

Has it ever been off road?

lol the top pic is the big wheels fitted as it is now, the others are the normal wheels it also comes with;) and no i havent had a chance to take it greenlaning yet:P i keep that to the trusty hornet courtesy bike i got :w00t:

No, we dont let cars on The BCR!:smiley:

please that aint offroading dhoftys coming proper green laning tom;) oh and the cars sold, tried to edit/delete ad but as usual it dont work:hehe: