cmon you lightweights…get ur tooshies down to bmm tonight!!:w00t:.

i’ll be there for the first time in ages…be great to see everyone…

see ya there…


Are you sure you won’t be in A&E with your little problem?:smiley:

what time you getting there shane

about 7 i think mate

and jetstream…lol…


I’ll be there! :slight_smile:

working mate:)you still up for leading this france trip:D

I’ll be there with another. (with change for 5150s coffee) :slight_smile:

anyone getting there around the 6pm mark?

I’ll be there bout 7ish.

going to clappham first mate…then bmm from there…

gonna be a chilly one so im gonna wrap up extra warm me thinks

tugs…when are you gonna organise the st georges day ride?


think w nice one mate:D

cheers tugs;)…you wont win this war:D.


dont touch:P

I’ve just noticed your avatar, didn’t I draw that?

i’ve just landed see you lot next week.:w00t:

jeeeeeeeeeeeeeez you must have been high as a kite H:D

mate we nearly landed on another plane it’s so foggy out. it was like oh we’re landing…oops we’re taking off again:ermm:

Hi H! :smiley:

So where were the rest of you lot, then? I turned up at 7.20, and there was no bugger there! :stuck_out_tongue:

i must have just turned up before you mate and left as there was nobody there…so went to clappham tea hut…

sorry mate…but i must of just missed ya


Nae worries. :smiley:

I got to spend an extra 30 minutes on the bike. Every cloud, and all that…!