BMM this week?

I know that but if it’s just us we can go for a ride up here, better roads, no traffic and we can go somewhere for coffee that also sells cakes :stuck_out_tongue:

Grim & I arent going either :frowning:

Looks like its just you & BB, Yslart :wink:

Steve i’ll pop along if the weather stays as it is…

with the bike so round 7:30 / 8pm

:rolleyes: I see! Coffee and cakes…somewhere warm. Better roads too. Why don’t you want to stand in the freezing cold and rain with loads of traffic? Eh? Whats wrong with Central London traffic? eh?;):smiley:

It takes an hour at least to get there but as in4thethrills is going we’ll have to now ;):smiley: You could easily pop along too Mole ! :slight_smile:


thats the spirit! can’t be left on my tod!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :frowning: snot fair.

We’re going whatever the rest do :wink: the saussages are brilliant form the cafe, got to be experienced.

thinks carefully about following statement*

chuckymonkey said he’d give the best sausage i’d ever tasted… at the BMM that is :smiley:

Drizzle has stopped… it looks like it’s clearing up - yay!

Sincere - are you going?

Not a mark on my P&J she’s sat at home under the cover.

Got told I might have a fracture, and am on crutches till next Thu. at the earliest when I go back to get it looked at.

I can actually ride the bike (rode home yesterday) but have been told to avoid bending my knee and not to put weight on it.


well get better soon! and stay off the knee!


It has, should be a nice ride down and back :stuck_out_tongue:

i should be there

me too.

i might be showing up as well:)

Man that was a long ride home! Cold, tired but happy to meet you lot. See the rest of you on Saturday :smiley:

Thanks to yslarty for looking after me :slight_smile:

Sorry to have missed this week - a mate needed some help with a LARGE electronic project (effectively manufacturing a prototype as several real working models with a deadline of this w/e, it will be very public) and didn’t finish until 00:30 - in again at 09:00 today and look at the time of this post and I’m meant to be RETIRED!

That’s the most complicated excuse I’ve heard :P:) You’ll be telling us next that your scoot has grown a third wheel overnight :w00t::hehe: