BMM on 04/06/08

was looking through some links and came across this, not sure if it will affect us but certainly may cause a few problems.

looks good, im hungry :smiley:

+1 :slight_smile:

Quite partial to tapas :smiley:

Blimey, that looks good.

If the market is a no parking arrangement, where the heck do you park and walk?

Do all single yellows run out at 6:30 in that area?

Hope to be there Wed for BM meet number 3!! Missed a couple!

This looks good, except the ‘wine tasting’ bit might mean leaving the Hornet at home:)


might get a bit more packed than usual but i dont think well have a problem with parking single yellows are cool to park on after 6.30pm…

now i’m starving :smiley:

iirc TimeOut advertised there being another Tapas festival at the end of the month (28/29th june) on Brick Lane (ely’s yard), which has the bonus of being on a weekend

Anybody up for ‘tapas’ tmrw night? Captain Choas and myself coming down for our first BMM :w00t:

Hoping the Spanish event won’t affect parking too much and make things chaotic…might have to get the Captain to swoosh his cape a bit to make some room :stuck_out_tongue:

oh fugger. i forgot about this.

got to take Mark diving in a pool tomorrow night.

oh well, have fun :wink:

Well, they’ll have to fit in around us, like we have with others :slight_smile:

hehe bloody well said fella!!:smiley:

It’s all good for me. Being Spanish I’m gonna get to enjoy two of my passions tomorrow night! :smiley:

I may be there tomorrow eve, depending on the rain etc:) Am playing it by ear:)