BM Tonight?

Who’s going?

I’ll be there from 6pm/6.30pm :slight_smile:

I’ll be there come rain or shine:D

Might be there in civillian attire as usual.

Well if its dry lol i may come up in the car and bring smart specially to see lou;)…i said might… if its raining…FORGET IT:D

Of course you will Mr Knicker Sniffer :stuck_out_tongue:

YAY!!! wishes for nice weather tonight

I should be there, gotta be off by about 8ish, though. And I’ve got to work out how to reattach my topbox first, too…

Maybe, depends, if I can dry out by then I will be there :smiley:

I shall be there around 7ish

If i can get out of here anytime soon and manage to get home considering the M25 closure and its not raining by the time i do, then yes, i will be up there later, hopefully about 8pm;)

Working tonight :frowning:

Oh well just had a suprise birthday meal sprung on me so guess thats where i’ll be tonight…:smiley:

You need to sort your priorities out girl! Me? Erm…urgent flower arranging classes!:stuck_out_tongue:

shame it rained, was an intimate crew there.
epic epic lols were had watching ally take her first passenger though. I can’t remember being sworn at quite so much in 5 mins before

Sorry i never made it. Left work at 5pm, traffic was impossible so got home at 7pm(30 miles)!! The rain was coming down all the while and so made it a pointless task of getting soaked for a couple of hours. I hate this country some times.

You can have my place in France… :wink:

Just a little somthing from bm:D