BM Tonight Who's Up For It

See You All About 6-30ish if you can make it

Will be there :slight_smile:

me and my new bike should be there hopefully

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

I may pop along early. Got to go early to look after my old man tho.

will be there :wink:

and you know what I forgot? :w00t:

Not this week. Working tonight… Soon though! Have fun.

will be there, I have new baffle, indicators that flash properly and a motorbike :smiley:

any of the leadership going to be carrying stickers? I need some.

ditto (for helmet not the bike sod leading the thieving pikeys to the forum I use!)

tri-tto I need stickers too, and will only be able to show up if the stickers do.

I think I’ll pop along … with my rather shiny courtesy bike from OnYerTriumph :smiley:

Not tonight, have to get back for my Mum’s birthday

Sorry guys i forgot the stickers :doze:

Will be there anyway though:P

I’m popping along been a no show too long now, very naughty!

id like to, i havent been to borough in agess, but its too big of a nasty trek through traffic from surrey to make it worthwhile.

if however you decided to have a meet at newlands corner id be sooo in :smiley:

I’ll grace you all with my presence :stuck_out_tongue:

on my melted GSR :crying:

R.I.P Kriega bag. stupid hot exhaust :hehe:

At least you admit your own faults! :stuck_out_tongue: