BM this wed

Thats what i meant ;):smiley:

I should be there sumtime between 5.30 and 6pm:D

Hoping to be there between 5-5.30. Early bird me…:smiley:

makman wot do ya look like? How will I spot ya?:smiley:

ill be coming down will be pretty knackered as just got back form newquay but its worth it

There today, probably around half 5.

Should be leaving in 5 minutes, should take about 30 minutes by tube, so hopefully see you all at about 18.30

was good meeting a number of guys and girls this evening, unfortunately I can only make it for a short while on wednesdays, but I should be able to make it regularly.

I’m surprised Martin made it out alive after the comments he made to our Gabs :slight_smile:

Was another good night last night thanks people.

Nice to have met you Cheekychick, and caveman briefly.

Loved the Italian contingent out numbering the Japanese last night also, man they make a lovely noise when they leave all together :smiley:

May see a few of you friday for the ride out if not maybe back at BM next wednesday.

Oh and Shane not only did you take Jay’s Karma on the way home i think you took mine also, 1 lane open on the M25 and 1 lane open on the M3 40mph FFS

doubled ya tank range though going that slow :smiley:


Where would I have stood, That Bike is Japanese (mostly) but was an Italian market bike?:blink:


Hello ppl, was nice to meet you all at BMM yestdy:D

Did not make it, have no seat on my bike!! long story, all will become clear soon…

He was a naughty boy so I hid it :wink:

You can’t stop there Dudette … what did he do???:w00t: