BM this wed

Thought I would make the effort this week and get up off my backside and get over to BM for the first time. Whens the best time to get there and is the sausage man I’ve heard about back yet? Cheers

I may well pop over for the first time too… if I can get my fuel lines sorted in time :slight_smile:

Hope to be making it 2 weeks in a row:w00t:

As far as i can tell the sausage man is not back yet and as for the best time to get there, well anytime after 6pm, normally someone there then but if you want to make a safe bet get there around 7pm.


Note to self - switch off caps lock!

I should be there. 2 weeks in a row like PJ - anyone would think its summer!

I am also planning on going tmw…for the first time:P:D

i’ll be there!!!:D.


hoping to be there, meet some of you guys - still haven’t! I’ll prob be there about 6ish

I’ll be there from 6 ish.

gonna try to make it - got two work things that night :frowning:

I may well try for next week - bike is getting its first service tomorrow…

i’ll be there at 5:30. if you new folk come early just look for the SV in gixer colours

You going to park in the middle of the road again?

It’s so he doesn’t have to pay £1.50 parking charge. :smiley:

I may try and make an appearance then I think - first time for it but I’ve been wanting to come down for ages and sounds like there will be people there now… Just gotta be able to find it :smiley:

looks like the 2nd week in a row for me too :w00t:

I should make the most of it as I’m back to school next week.

Errrr Borough Market is in Southwark - I thought you were up to date on this one mate? :slight_smile:

I think its an electrical problem with his brain!

Sarcasm Patrick, occasionally i use it :smiley:

So do I…:Whistling: