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Right, I know this has been asked before but thought I’d try again.

I want to try and find some Bluetooth earphones that fit very snug into the ear, and don’t fall out when you pull the helmet on. If it has a clip to go round the ear that’s thin to not have discomfort, so much the better. I saw a guy on a train with some very snug ones that covered the entire ear opening, with the wire going over the ear, but I couldn’t ask him in time what they were. I have a problematic left ear and so far very few headphones stay in. The ones that came with the Samsung galaxy S4 kind of worked but I had to always wear a balaclava and they moved a bit.

I’ve seen some with a small plastic ‘grip’ that grips to the I side of the ear- does this help at all?

I just want one headset for motorbike and just to listen to music on my phone on my commute on the train.

When on bike, I have a zumo 660 so want to connect that to listen to the instructions and music. Not interested in taking calls on the move

Did a bit of digging on the train and think what the guy had were Shure se215s… Hmm, quite pricey but that’s the style I’m looking for…

Those Shure ones are cavity headphones. So you shove them in pretty deep, almost to your brain and then they isolate sounds against the cavity and stay in place. It’s a bit strange at first but you get used to how deep they go. A good way to tell if they are properly docked is the bass response. There is no bass until they are properly docked.

Once cavity headphones are properly in place they rarely move. There are different types of ends you can get. They are pictured with mushrooms but I’ve found flange tips are much better for isolating and staying in place. The flange tips to wear out though and then the headphones don’t stay in place any more so you’ll need to always have a few replacement pairs ready. They are not too expensive though. If the headphone is properly docked in your ear cavity then it shouldn’t move even when taking your helmet on and off.

I’d say just go for those and experiment a bit with the tips.

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why did i think of that scene when you were on about Ears and tips [email protected]

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