Blue/White or Black K8 Gixer 750

I have just found the poll section on here so thought I would give it a go.

So which colour and why please…

I like the black as its stealth and sexy but it you loose the shape a little due to its blackness.

I like the Blue/White as its ‘Suzuki’s colour’ and the blue and white look great in the sun, but it is the most standard colour almost like baked beans?

What do you think?



I’m sure someone did this recently… but it’s still got to be black, but don’t be tempted with any kind of rim tape. I’m sure Chinky Minky or whatever he’s calling himself today will be along in a minute to tell you it’s got to be blue and white… but he’s wrong on this one, black is the only option:)


The black’uns just look like another Universal Japanese In-Line Four Sportsbike.

Be different get a yella one;):smiley:

er I think that was me, but I was on the K7 - K8 poll…

Why no rim tape? Its like lip stick on a beautiful lady!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

red rim tape, pazzo levers and decent zorst for starters… Mwahhh ha ha ha!

Exactly…It’s GAY:D

EEEK - Allergic to yellow motorcyles

Gay on The Hoff maybe but no so on Carmen Electra! :wink:

everything is faster in black

Sorry I did not quite hear you there? :stuck_out_tongue:

Warning for all you owners of black or white special edition bikes, they are very trendy at the mo, wait till next year, old hat.

Blue and white lives on forever, gixers were born to be blue and white with aftermarket exhausts etc etc.

If you buy black, keep it standard and sell it next year, look at the burgandy R1’s, they blend in with the boring greys, silvers and blacks of the Honda owners clubs.

Why did Yamaha bring out the red and blue sporty colours?

Black on a blade or Busa looks cool any other bike is not worthy.

I was thinking of getting a custom spray job!


in typical bloke fashion…

“they both look lovely dear…”


It has been done. A Black 750 K8 is now on order.

With Tail Tidy, Black screen and crash bungs. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Security is a secret :slight_smile:


That Lucky Strike is to die for mmmmmm:cool:

yup lucky strike good but so would texaco heron, yeah yeah Im old and can remember them :slight_smile:

Its ok! The lucky strike one is a respray. Its not for sale.

I can get my black one resprayed to pretty much anything I like! Including this lucky strike one.

I am speaking with Dream Machines in Nottingham. Costs £1010.50 incl VAT. They do MotoGP bikes too:w00t:

What is the Texaco one?

You mean this one right?

They do that too!!! :D:D:D:D


No brainer lol i gotta say that

What about the Skoal Bandits colour scheme?

Who remembers that then?;):smiley: