Blue Power Bulbs

What’s the current wisdom about blue xenon bulbs on bikes?

Don’t know about those but blue neons are the way forward, just check TommyMac’s bike!

The only ones that really work are the proper HID Xenon kits, problem is they cost and arm and a leg!

phillips blue vision bulbs are about the best, if u step up to higher wattage jap bulbs you will blow fuses and if you increase fuse size you will damage your electrics I had a HID xenon in my R6 2003 and it looked the nuts especially when it fired up, you never needed the main beam i have just aquired two brand new ballasts so i may have a spare complete with a 3500K bulb and i dont want a arm and a leg for it and its a proper hella ballast from a vauxhall omega so bulbs are easy to obatain unlike the after maket kits… you just need room to mount the ballast, sportsbike is no prob as with my R6 it sat behind the screen