bloody screws and nails - continued!!!!!!!!!!

I know this topic has been picked to bits recently but look at this bloooody screw making a home for itself in my 1 week old new rear tire.

Literally I replaced it last week as I had 2 of the fucccccckers! £106 straight after christmas, lovely! hopefullly should be able to get this one plugged! But seriously though where do they come from??? I’m not an overly aggressive filterer and I dont park my bike in a bloody wood shed!

damn them, damn them all to hell!!! :crazy:



Did you ride home through a bubble bath?:wink:

Some people have all the luck, poor Ginger has been riding his bike for ages, trying to pick up a screw;):smiley:

Seriously, it’s a pain when that happens eh?:crazy:

damn feller thats unlucky, does make you wonder where they all come from though…methinks its the peds chucking them on way to work the scrotes :slight_smile:

just part of the sunday scrub and shine!!! :smiley:

although good job really otherwise I might not have seen it for a few days.

Punctures seem to come and go in waves. In my experience you get one, then another shortly after, and if you’re lucky, that’s it for a couple of years, and then it happens again, doh.

Building sites and builders trucks are the worst offenders I think.

I recon i must hold some kind of record. I picked up a nail in my brand new TL withing 1/2 a mile of picking it up:crazy::smiley:

Nice bit of bling in the rubber there…must cost a fortune!

well hope your right with the coming in waves thing. As Im broke at the minute and cant afford yet a new tire.

I think basically its the filtering right up close to pavement and traffic lights, where you get all the broken glass from accidents and the like. I always try to avoid filtering into the gutters but sometimes its easy to get impatiant on your way home from work. Guess this is a lessoned learned. wait for a good bit of tarmac and let the scooters and uber impatiant couriors get them.

I find its best to avoid riding in gutters, over chevrons, and in winter;):smiley:

i feel your pain…

yep and i havent had one since i have been riding (touches my desk which is wood)so the muscles in my left arm are like popeyes :stuck_out_tongue:

after 3 punctures in a row i decided to bite the bullet and go for ultraseal. I know the pro’s and cons but after reading the gumph it suited me well. I’d not use ultrasealed tyres on a track though.

You won’t regret it. In fact you may never get a puncture again, it’s a bit like wearing waterproofs ‘in case’ of rain. It then doesn’t rain. :wink:

Seriously though, Ultraseal has had a positive effect on my wallet, as most tiny holes can safely be left to it’s ministrations, no need to get a vulcanised plug. Bigger ones can still be repaired professionally.

Also there is the peace of mind aspect when riding far from home - you know you have a sporting chance of getting to your destination without calling out your recovery squad.

if you have ultraseal on a tyre, doesnt it leak everywhere if they have to take a tyre of to plug a bigger hole??

No worries, I know your pain, I found one in my rear tyre on Monday! Lucky it was spotted, the tyre was practically flat.

There is a make of Avons I believe that if you get a puncture within a certain timeframe then they replace the tyre for free…

Re: ultra seal had some in my cat, as soon as it was put in, I did about 100 miles of motorway, which probably made sure of a nice even coating, but:

  1. Used my bike on 2 trackdays after that and it was absolutely fine.

  2. when eventually I did get a puncture, yes it did splurge it all out when they plugged it…

Ultraseal is water soluble so you just make sure you let all the air out and then wash out the Ultraseal when the tyre is off the rim. You have to reapply the Ultraseal afterwards though, but as you almsot never get punctures with Ultraseal fitted that is rarely an issue.

looks like its going to be ultra seal all the way then, as ive just dropped off the bike at the garage and I’m sat waiting at home as its my only transport to get to work. Just to mke matters worse he thinks its too close to the edge of the tire to plug!!! so am crossing my fingerss he can as i physically cant afford another tire :frowning:

I confess I thought that when I saw your picture.

I’m looking at Slime/Ultraseal alternatives as well. Picked up 3 screws in tyres in two months. Had them plugged, but it is annoying! Now that I have a wider rear tyre, I’ll certainly pick more up! Time to slime them.