Bloody Ewan and Charlie wannabees!

Jackie and I were commuting home through Vauxhall at about 4.45 when I saw a couple of BMW GSs with strange plates. I then saw there were loads of stickers and stuff on the bikes, and they looked like they had been a long way since they had a really good caring for.

They rode along our route until we lost them using our own secret way of dodging a queue in the Wandsworth gyratory. I had hoped to speak to one of them, but they were riding so slow (a bit knackered probably!) that it was hard to get them alongside.

When I got home I looked up the URL on their tanks. I guess they were in London on their way back from Dublin to Antwerp for the bikes to be shipped home. Very impressed as they obviously had nothing like the support used in the Long Way Down. However, after reading about what they were fund raising for I may not ever drink South African wine again

Don’t forget our very own Mr Styles, whose second article on adventure biking has just been published -

Wannabe’s ?? I reckon they are the real thing…With the support and money behind E&C I would think most experienced riders on here could do the trips they did…No problem.:slight_smile:

Long way round?? Pfft !!:w00t:

very cool! i guess that was Long Way Sideways?

Graham used to be my boss before he set off on his trip, the video’s of his trip are really good! If people havent seen them yet have a watch, their quite funny :cool:

?? :unsure:

However, after reading about what they were fund raising for I may not ever drink South African wine again

Can you explain I am a bit lost.?

Historically, (and still continuing illegally,) wine growers in South Africa have paid their black workers in wine. The result is a legacy of rampant alcoholism amongs workers and their families, and as many as 25% of children exhibiting learning disabilities either as a result of Fetal Alchohol Spectrum Disorder or parental and material neglect. Despite the long history of the practice, most wine growers are not involved in addressing the legacy of this. The riders are raising money for a project which works with some wine growers to improve conditions for worker’s children. such as providign creches and education, and runs various projects to help children with FAS and other special needs.