Bloody bike !

After a week of morning jump starts, I’ve now got to cancel my shopping trip tomorrow to find out what’s up with the bike.

Doesn’t seem to be the battery, but having looked at the connection to the starter motor tis very corroded :crazy:

Wish me luck … boo hoo snif


It’s a shame your SV isn’t identicle to Jonny’s, you could have swapped number plates while he wasn’t looking;):cool:

I take it Rex Judd’s didnt help much?

Haha that would’ve been funny.

RJ ‘can’t find anything wrong with it’ and I may have invalidated the warranty by changing a few bits on the bike, besides there’s only a few weeks left on the warranty, I just can’t afford to take it to another mechanic.

Got a couple of things to try and H will help me too.

I’m not enjoying riding it at the moment :angry:

I don’t mind having a butchers at it for you if H can’t find anything:)

Don’t know if you’re near Hackney, but take your bike into Essential Rubber, they’ll have a once over for you, and may be more helpful than RJ’s

You got anyone reasonably handy with Voltmeter and the like nearby? Got to be something electrical - sometimes a bugger to trace source of the problem.

Sorry no better help.

Thanx guys, I’ll try anything at this point …

I’ve now resorted to eating a very fattening muffin from the snack van :blush:

On Jonny’s thread about Rex Judd I posted the link to a fault finding flow chart.

It’s well worth printing off:)

pm sent

Spares were supposed to come today … nada :frowning:

Another week of joining the cagers …

GP qualifying is starting … I may be a while …

Thats no good, where have you ordered them from Karen?

Bol D’or is on Eurosports 2 as well:P

Spares Direct

Name n Shame em;)

for future reference Bob Hills in Hertford are good.

Andy ! stop trying to lead me astray … I’ll give 'em a chance first :wink:

Just means I’ve got to wait until next weekend to try and get it sorted. I’m missing her soooo much especially today, it’s beautiful out there, I hate my car !

I know, I’m going out after the motoGP:D

Not trying to rub it in or anything;)

Have fun :D:ermm:

Andy I’ll think you’ll find Bob Hill is in some deep poo at the mo,google him and read the local forums about him:D

Oh really?

I’ve always had good service from them as a Suzook dealer:doze:

I’m googling man:cool:

Hertford online forum is the place

Bloody Hell!!!

Where have I been?:crazy:

I had no idea all this was going on. I used to use Bob Hill all the time when i worked in Hertford.

Now i know why he was so keen to sell my TLR for me when I was looking at getting a 998:w00t:

Bike dealer arrested in £50k fraud probe

Says it all really doesn’t it?

Thanks for the heads up Duncan;)