Blonde or Brunette?


I’m not into those icy blondes :wink: - give me some dreamy brown eyes and long dark hair any day :smiley:

I have to say brunette… Mrs CM is watching:D

Brunette all the way! :wink:

And the collar must match the cuffs! :stuck_out_tongue:

brunette all the way went out with one blonde and she done my head in even tho my misses dyes her hair brunette lol

+1 Although, it’s not just the hair colour that swings things for me. A sexy face is a sexy face, regardless if it’s framed by blonde, brown or even red hair. :wink:

You should add choices of ‘Both’ and ‘A bit of each’

I knew one brunette who dyed only her head hair blonde…

Well I’m not to bothered either way, I’ve always had a thing for red heads, strawberry blondes and green eyes personally, but as has already been pointed out it’s not the hair colour I go for it’s the face and figure, if they catch my eye she could have green hair for all I care!! :wink:

Brunette female ;):smiley:

Bald…PHWOOOOAR!!! :hehe::hehe:

Well I guess then it doesn’t matter :wink:

Bald where?

I assumed this post was about head hair !!! :blush::blush:



I aint fussed :smiley: which ever comes my way :stuck_out_tongue:

Bald x 2 then in that case :D:D:D:D:D

nah…at least a lil runway strip:D:w00t:

Redheads all the way :smiley:

Blondes are trouble…:stuck_out_tongue:

I`ve always gone for Brunettes.