Blinded by the light

Driving to work this morning (yes Driving) it seemed as though everybodys lights were ridiculously bright.:w00t:

For the love of me I found it difficult to see and drive safely because I was blinded by the lights.

Also I noticed the increased amount of cars with there fog lights on, what’s that all about?

I’ve noticed this more and more over the last few years. It seems that modern cars need to have extraordinarily bright headlights for some stoopid reason. I drive an old 1998 VW Polo, which makes it worse as all modern cars sit much higher up than mine, meaning that their lights shine straight into my eyes. It makes driving in low light, rainy conditions extremely hard sometimes! I just can’t see any justification for manufacturers fitting such ridiculously and unnecessarily bright lights!!

They think having their fog lights on makes their cars look cool…instead, it makes them look like dick heads who’ve never read the highway code therefore have no clue what exactly fog lights are for. Derrrr, fog +lights = ??? :crazy:

Actually there are a lot of new cars that have DRL’s - Day Running Lights. So they might not have there fog lights on.

But yes, there are a couple of people round me that have HID’s in older cars and it is very very bad.

Better than the opposite - driving at night without your lights on. I asked one muppet here - and he reckons it saves him petrol…So that’s a good idea then :crazy:

The biggest culprits are bikes who have their full beam on which does nothing but dazzle and gives people no idea how close they are when looking at them in their mirrors.

This. I had a situation a couple of years back where I was nearly blinded by a bike with full beam coming in the opposite direction on a rainy day…luckily my reaction was to slow down, so I saw the people walking on my side of the road and didn’t go straight through them. Use the full beam for what it’s meant to be used people, don’t leave the damned thing on all the time, if you’re not happy with your dipped beam then get a better dipped beam dammit.

Wow… out numbering all these modern cars that’ve been mentioned above… s’alot of bikes!


The thing is that only SOME bikes ride around with their full beams on, whereas practically ALL modern cars seem to have dipped headlights that are unnecessarily, and potentially dangerously, bright. So bikes clearly aren’t the biggest culprits - although the ones that do it are a pain in the arse.

I thought this thread was gonna be about Manfred Mann - but instead it has something to do with riding motorbikes. :frowning:

I got caught out a few years ago by this. Was riding along after dark, light rain falling, the kind of annoying drizzle that seems to get inside the visor no matter what you do. Guy comes along in the opposite direction lights and fog lights blazing, blinds me, so I slow down but couldn’t see the kerb had narrowed next to a speed bump, i.e sticking out into the road, I hit it head on and go flying across the road :frowning: result, bent front wheel, broken fairing, engine casing scraped through so plenty of oil on the road and a lovely hole in my left elbow despite there being no damage to the leather jacket, go figure :crazy: Oh and a bill from the highways agency for the clean-up of the oil.

The plod should stop these dumbfecks and warn them about using fog lights in clear weather conditions,even fine them if necessary. I am getting fed up with these ignorant morons on the roads. :angry:

I actually did get stopped years ago for having my fog lights on when I didn’t even realise, so they do stop people - obviously not often enough though.

Fog lights in snow !!! KIN IDIOTS, that’s what that’s about, along in driving 25 feet from the car/bike in front in the same said snow.
OOOOOOOPs Rant over sorry peep’s.

As legally fog lights can only be used in bad visibility & it’s stupid to drive fast in conditions of poor visibility, they should be linked in with a car’s electronics so that in the interests of safety said vehicle is automatically limited to a top speed of 50mph if the fog lights are activated.


Front foglights are designed to provide a low wide beam on the road surface immediately ahead of your car so there should be less glare to impact other drivers & no more light reflected back from falling snow than using dipped headlights, probably a lot less as they’re mounted lower.

Driving lights on the other hand are in effect auxillary main beams.

Apologies … when I said biggest culprits, I should have said that it is other bikes that blind me more than cars and I feel that is more dangerous for them and me !

I few years ago any on-coming car would dip their main beams the second they saw you coming the other way. In the last few years I’ve noticed that most on-coming drivers don’t bother dipping their mains until a few seconds after you’re fully in view… by which time you’ve been blinded. Makes it difficult on unfamiliar roads when you’ve just been blinded and are trying to see where the road’s going or where the kerbs are :angry:

Got to agree with the “being blinded…”, but the opposite?

In S.E. London drivers don’t seem to able to find the light switch when it’s hissing with rain and lots of spray and they have their wipers on or even when it’s foggy with very restricted visibility. Curious as BMW drivers don’t seem to be able to find the light switch to turn the fog lights off.

Perhaps it’s time for the EU to make day time driving lights (but not the stupid ones on Skoda Yeti’s) come on automatically when you start up, or when you turn the wipers on at least.

Never fails to amaze me the amount of people that think fog lights are to only be used in fog…

People should keep their skills more up to date…

Hids on older cars are pretty bad, main beam on bikes annoys me, people who don’t bother to look at their dash, so don’t realise their main beam is on… And fog lights on when visibility is actually fine…

Just another example of poor driving standards, shown by a shockingly large amount of people :slight_smile: