Blanket 20mph for central London

TfL plan to bring in 20mph limits for the entire congestion charge zone early next year (although I’m sure a lot of it already is 20mph limits anyway). They’re also looking to actually enforce it by the looks of things.

As well as signage and road markings, raised pedestrian crossings will be installed in seven locations. TfL will also recalibrate all speed cameras in central London and use mobile speed cameras to enforce the new limit.

Well that’s going to be interesting. With no traffic officers that going to be enforced.

They enforced it well enough for me at 07:45 on new years eve at Blackfriars Bridge.

6 points and £850 in fines.




Fuck. That’s nasty, reminder to self don’t go into London in the bike.

I feel like the plan is to make driving miserable to get people away from motorised personal transport and onto public transport/cycles.

I don’t know how anybody can sit at 20mph on a motorbike without infuriating people behind and end up just being put at risk because people are tailgating so closely.

Imagine the scenario; you filter past a line of traffic, cut in just behind the first car. You then obey the 20mph speed limit on a clear open road. I can absolutely guarantee you you’re going to get tailgated, thus putting your life at risk.

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I can totally see the attraction of a tuned up electric push bike in London you know… Plenty quick enough to whizz past London traffic, access to all the bits of roads TFL have been removing and no pesky number plate on the back to worry about.



We rode into the Bike Shed in 2017, a total nightmare of a ride in, the 20 mph speed limits started as soon as we entered the LB Hackney on the Lea Bridge Road and continued all the way to Shoreditch and beyond. So there’s me thinking that Inner London (what was the GLC London Boroughs) is already on 20 mph limits.

What speed were you doing?

This is what scares me. I live in a 20mph area. When I drive my car at 23 - 25mph I get irate drivers tailgating me, passing angrily, often with blasts of the horn, often with charming gestures. Average speeds on my roads are nothing near 20. When I’m on my bike I don’t risk putting myself in this danger and I admit on open forum that I do go above the the 20mph limit.

With police cuts the only way they can enforce this initiative is with cameras. Get ready for biking being that little bit more uncomfortable.

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20 of course

I think we might have to look at creating a category for these bikes on LB and welcoming riders to the community! I think a lot of these riders could benefit from the wisdom present within the community :slight_smile:

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I got zapped at 43 mph.
To be honest I didn’t even know it was a twenty limit.
There wasn’t one other vehicle or pedestrian on the bridge. I reckon they were trying to get their number of nicks up after a quiet Christmas period.
I did the crime so I’ve gotta do the time.

there but for the grace of God go all of us …sorry to hear that

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Does anyone else experience more pedestrians stepping out in front of their bike when travelling at 20? It seems to me that peds see you travelling rather slowly and more of them think they have more time to wander across the road - those that aren’t engrossed in their phones that is.

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In the London bits of London it is just Westminster plus Kensington and Chelsea councils which have not adopted blanked 20 mph limits.

Speed limit map of London:

Wandsworth is slightly different in that they exempt A- and B-roads (as does Croydon, Surrey) which makes a big difference.

Another crap map from TfL. Its no wonder these councils can’t get traffic flow right when their producing such piss poor quality mapping.

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Some very strange little isolated 30mph limits - I guess they must be private roads where TfL can’t set the limit?

The ones local to me are housing estates, so I think you are right.

Although Lambeth Council own the estates here, they have physical entrances so those roads are probably considered private and maintained by the housing division rather than the roads one.

Cynical view, TfL don’t want to get traffic flow right. they want everyone to use their services. Why did all the pull in bus stops disappear? It slows traffic to bus pace.

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