Blackwall Tunnel Toll

I read in the metro this morning that they are considering charging users of Blackwall Tunnel - £6 a go! If that’s so, will have to start using bridges. They trying to make a north/south divide?

There’s certainly scope for a toll. After all it’s one of the most congested routes in and out during the rush hour. Could be similar to congestion charging


Before they do that they want to try and finish the works they have been doing for the last 3 years !! closed or contra flows most days of the week,and a total lack of signage to let you know ,many a early morning i have got to the tunnel from a night shift to find it closed ,i then have to double back and cross london bridge.same as the limehouse/rotherhide ,its a bugger when all these are closed at the same time,go KEN go KEN. YOUR DOING A TOP JOB

Just serves to join two sh!t bits of London … Now what they should do is make the left hand lane all the way down the a2 along the tunnel approach and the tunnel itself a bike/bus lane

know exactly what u mean, this morning took me about 10 mins just to get in the tunnel at 4am, they were trying to reopen the northbound, god knows what they were doing. They are also closing parts of the A2 some nights, as I flew past the Bluewater turnoff, I noticed a sign sayin that it was going to be shut there some time or other, will go slower tomoz and see if i can read when. Travelling at night is good as to regards no cagers about, but the roadworks and road closures are a nightmare.

Back to the Blackwall tunnel, when they first started doing the rapairs all those years ago, it was meant to be for a few months, anyone any idea what the hell they are doing?

What they’ve been doing is probably working out some clever road safety message into the tiling on the wall and standing back having a fag whilst patting themselves on the back about overtime they earned.

London wide C charge here we come

Olympics will make the roads even worse in some areas - no doubt special oly,pic lanes to be set set up with heavy fines for people without the proper badge etc…


Wow, im glad i moved out of London!

well i moved out, but use it everyday to get to work. another stealth tax!

Is there any mention of them charging bikes?

Didnt say, but once more and more people use bikes, they will charge us.

Some of us know what the dodgy bugga’s have been up to in the tunnel due to the leakage of information recently let out.

They have been putting HIDDEN SPECS cameras inside the tunnel !!!

So beware guys/gals.

Now if there’s any truth in this latest news £6.00 to pass through…Jeez we won’t have any disposable income soon. Cos as soon as ya earn it some fooka is waiting to snatch twice the amount out of ya pocket.

What is this country coming to…We will all be living a life of poverty if this keeps up !!

Mind you the government has gotta keep milking us so they can keep sending billions of pounds to 3rd world countries and aid for all the disasters that take place around the world.

Our government are always at the front of the queue chucking our money at anywhere that asks for it…WHO IS GOING TO HELP US when we are up Sh!t Creek ???

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Rant over !!

Time to sell the house,the wife and kids, KERCHING ,they`re at it again !

What a great government we have ,**** the low paid lets bleed em dry.