Blackwall Tunnel - North and South - New HIDDEN Specs Cameras

Any more news about these cameras ?:ermm:

I was reading about this the other day, can’t remember if it was in MCN or Metro, but it’s basically crap. According to the Tfl spokesman in the article, the cameras are for traffic monitoring purposes and nothing else.

Shouldn’t say but even I got an e-mail at work about them telling me they were Speed camera’s and that was from a member of the traffic dept ?!?!?!?!?

Well then, the only thing to do is test them. Any volunteers to blast through the Blackwall, turn around and blast back, wait 14 days and tell us what happens?

ok sure if I can say that it was you riding…

so is this still in ‘rumour’ status?

PERSONALY i think it was one of them rumours that do the rounds on the web ,a number of motoring sites i have looked at also mention it but theres no concrete proof .anyone on this site had fine from it ? ive been through it everyday and seen no reduction in speed from other road users , time will tell i suppose .


It’s a hoaks, according to a an email from our local liaison officer.

[conspiracy mode]
On the other hand, can you trust them…?
[/conspiracy mode]

Any volunteers to scream through the blackwall tunnel at 100mph and then wait for the postie(not that you can ever get up to that speed in there)?

El Krauto, great name man.