Blackwall Tunnel - North and South - New HIDDEN Specs Cameras

I’ve just had passed to me from a friend who knows, that TFL have installed new hidden specs cameras in both the north and south sections of the Blackwall Tunnel.

They are due to go live today. The speed limit is 30mph north and 40mph south.

I’m told that TFL have no intention of prosecuting people through the police but you will recieve a £100 fine or £50 is paid quickly.

TFL have not installed any signs letting drivers know about the cameras - so be careful people you don’t want to find out about these cameras when a fine lands on your doorstep.

I’ve called TFL for a comment about the cameras and am waiting for a response - I don’t know if they’re both forward and rear facing as yet.

Eeeeeek keep us posted Matt…

Nice find though… go easy out there peeps!

Would be good if they could confirm or deny this !

i dont mind specs cameras,

cos i dont wear them…

Arent hidden cameras illegal hence why they painted all the Gatso’s yellow etc?

oppps well if they went live today, I’m in for a fine! I thought they had at least have signs saying ‘speed cameras’ but there are none there as far as I know.

Damn… I went through there pretty quickly the other day, i love the sound…

Arent hidden cameras illegal

IIRC I remember reading an article which said that rule was never ratified so I don’t think they are illegal.

nothing from TFL yet… still pressing.


Could it be this rather than the blackwall ?

saw that - nope it’s not that… they’re not specs cameras.


ca se throught the tunnel tonight,north bound there are some extra cameras,but they look more cctv,also i cant see any as you exit the tunnel,in the south bound tunnel they have some electronic 30 mph signs throughout the entire tunnel,also some extra cameras,again i cant see any on the exit,

If they are in Blackwall tunnel, they must be well hidden, each time i go thru there I look, and cant see anything.



spring to mind

Went through blackwall on the way home last night and the only things I could see that were new were LED green arrows and 30mph signs all the way through along the top of the tunnel - didnt see any cameras

Checkout the gantry on the north bound tunnel,just past the gatso and when you exit to the right ,there are cameras mounted on the gantry just above where the breakdown trucks park

I might be wrong, but I thought for any speed camera to be valid/ legal, there had to be the appropriate signage in the area leading up to them to warn drivers?

But if they’re front facing, who cares?

Why the “satisfied” smilie mate, something you know that you’re not telling us ?

Plenty of signage in the blackwall,they have just installed electronic ones in the southbound bore,is this a prelude to the cameras ?

Silly question, but as they’re not police and they’re not a scamera pratnership, since when have TfL been responsible for speed enforcement and subsequent collection of fines?