Blackwall tunnel closed southbound and A13 chocca

Hi, I’ve just a horrendous journey home! Not sure why but the police have closed off the blackwall entrance and the subsequently the A13 is chocablock (the east london and Essex section). Avoid!

According to the radio, it was due to flooding.

Didnt see any flooding BUT im not happy, supposed to see Pink in concert last night (10/12/09) and didnt get close. The O2 and London council will be stairing down the wrong end of a hissy fit when the offeces open in the morning. Just spent 13hrs behind the wheel of a mini bus with 6 other very disappointed ppl

I think you will find this thread is 3 years old, I am sure the flooding has gone now :wink:

Still, the traffic round there last night was bloody horrendous and I don’t know why. Backed up from Elephant and Castle all the way to Greenwich and Rotherhithe. Was like it for a few hours.

Sorry you missed out on Pink, mate. Shoulda ditched the minibus and taken the boat - goes straight to the o2. Next time.

Yep, southbound Blackwall tunnel was closed most of the afternoon due to a burst water main but they managed to get one lane open by 5pm. Then I heard on the radio that there was an accident at the toll booths at Dartford and the QE Bridge was closed for a while as well. I picked up a fare in the City who wanted to go to City Airport, and hour later I stuck them on the DLR at Limehouse as the traffic was solid and then it took me another hour and a quarter to get back into the city.

The traffic was still solid from Tower Bridge to back past Beckton at 8.30 last night. Cancelling the building of the Thames Gateway bridge is the biggest mistake that Boris has made so far as we desperately need another crossing in East London.