Blackheath Tea Hut

I’ll be there for 6.30, anyone else fancy it:D

I’ll be up there, and then upto BM :slight_smile:

All depends on what time i get home to pick up Sal and the other bike :smiley: We may swing by 1st for a cuppa and then move on to BMM :slight_smile:

Was hoping to come down this week but I’m working all night :crazy:

will do my best to get there this week, only be able to stay for an hour though, need to be elsewhere at 8:)

Yes indeedy! Will be there earlier, probably about 6.

Thats the plan for us too

See you there Rob :slight_smile:

i will be there if no rain. And hopefully upto bmm

Where is the first meet up?

I’ll be there about 6

we may have met and I just don’t know your username, but grab me and tell me more bout your mk2 :slight_smile:

will probs be there around 6 ish:)

Oh well I won’t then as no idea where it is!!!

What is the BMM???

I live around the corner from there…

What is the BMM???

I live around the corner from there…

Where you coming from?

It’s on the Heath the A2 right by greenwich park.

Why are people mention borough Market on this thread yet again??

Borough Market is in town that’s completely different to Blackheath tea hut but some go to both on the same evening.

Saw you at the hut briefly Friday when you picked up the luggage from mo I’m on a street triple at the mo.

It’s just a project car nothing fancy

Gonna dig out the passport, cross the river and see what the crack is at this tea hut :slight_smile:

The only crack is robs on show