Blackheath Tea hut

Just a quick Q i see some of u guys and blackheath tea hut on a few nights now just wondering is this a regular meet now

thanks Michael

it is if your in fat allens club:D or a member of actung massive, or smiled sex club

theres a sex club i am soooo there :slight_smile:

well, more a self checking the sac club

I always go when there is no one there. But thats because i dont like anyone.

Wednesdays is regular, the other days just happen.
Pop down, say hi, and don’t be scared of the Blackheath Troll :w00t:

Or ‘Shane’ as he’s also known! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

hey mate im the guy on the dt 125 as people have said wednesday mostly

yeah seems to be, 1 thing where do ya go a piss?

drinking tea and coke all night on way home i am about to f*cking burst for a piss. lol.

all mate its michael with the white gilera vx 125 how u doing when u gunna be up blackheath tea hut next im going up there tonight andjust ordered some stickers for the bike lol im looking at one of there hoddies as well have u gt one

im good mate i probly wont be back up there till next wednesday i dont have a hoodie yet will get one when i can aford it XD

phone booth opposite :stuck_out_tongue:

along the wall opposite with trees

cool im gunna order one 2mo and see u there whensday

btw if you do go on along the wall do check there are no people are around i forgot and ended up try to run away quick wile still pissing lmao

would you not lend me a hand :wink:

you gotta come down to BH first for anyone to land you a hand?

We’re not around this week (family staying) but I will be bringing the husband to say hi sometime soon.

i have been down there before :stuck_out_tongue:

might have to make another appearance soon tho